I consider today's game a Moral Victory!

We played competitively, with a great chance to win. All I want, this year.

If we had been blown out, I might would have reconsidered coming to town for the Tiggers game.

Good to hear some folks that understand that this is a huge rebuild of the Razorback Football program.
We were at a talent disparity unlike at any time in memory when Coach Morris was hired.
Sure there have been games like last week and last year at CSU that we clearly shouldn’t have lost, but we did and some of that was lack of talent, depth, focus, preparation and poor coaching decisions.
The thing is that we are going to get blown out two or three times this season strictly based on the talent gap with programs like Alabama, Auburn and LSU.
The good news is that if these players and staff stay focused then have a decent chance to compete and possibly get a win or two with programs like Kentucky, Mississippi State, Missouri and WKU remaining on the schedule. These programs typically don’t recruit and sign players much better than we do, but our quality of depth has to be addressed in the next couple of recruiting classes and then sustained
If we are able to do that then we have a good chance of getting out of the bottom half of the conference.

Go Hogs!

There is no such thing as a moral victory you either win or lose!

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Much wrong. The moral victory was for me, the fan. If blown out yesterday, I would not have come to Fayetteville for the Auburn game. That’s no less than $400 in NWA expenditures for us. If out of the 78,000 or whatever fans having tickets, ten of those elect not to come for the same reason, that’s $4,000. If 100, that’s $40,000; or, $400,000 for every 1,000 that decide not to attend, due to the Hogs not being contenders. How many thousands might attend now that wouldn’t trip up to NWA is considered a moral victory–for the fans and NWA.

However, if the Hogs lose next weekend, I may consider yesterday not a moral victory but a fluke.

Fred…I’ll guarantee the Hogs won’t lose next weekend.

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Wally wrote an article about our great moral victory, so I wondered what in the heck is that. “A moral victory occurs when a person, team, army or other group loses a confrontation, and yet achieves some other moral gain. The gain might be unrelated to the confrontation in question, and the gain is often considerably less than what would have been accomplished if an actual victory had been achieved.”

The Razorbacks did recover some lost respect with our play yesterday, so I guess it is a moral victory. Who knew?

So how many moral victories do we have now?:sunglasses:

True. But, we were ahead 24 to 21, only to again lose the 4th quarter 10-3. The Hogs outgained TAM by 55 total yards and 5.6 yards per play versus 5.0.

The bigger story is we don’t know how to win, and seemingly routinely choke when a win is possible.

I think it’s 1.:sunglasses:

Would certainly rather have an ill-moral victory than a moral one… wait, that’s Auburn’s focus in the SEC. Most of us asked for improvement and you couldn’t have a much better jump from one week to the next. I’m not satisfied but at least it was a rather significant step in the right direction. Now it comes down to just how good is this coaching staff in maintaining a cutting edge and keeping the team focused toward additional steps. Play well and win a game or two and not lose by fifty to Aubbie, LSU, or Bama and we’ll all have some evasive hope going into next year.