I commented after the Florida win

…that JD Notae is the best shot blocking guard in college basketball. I stand by my comment.

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Well I do remember a coach walking off when he thought we would lose.

Not cool. The coach you are talking about was getting totally screwed by the refs in Austin. Justice prevailed in the end.

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He didn’t walk off early
He waved at Muss when he left the court after time expired

They sent the UK bench players to the locker room early. Cal stayed.

Yes, Cal stayed until the end. They sent the reserves in with a few seconds left just in case we decided to do the court storming again. Can’t blame them for that as that is never a good situation for visiting teams. Thankfully, and hopefully, maybe we have gotten all of that out of our system this year in football and basketball

After re-watching the ending, I realize I was mistaken. So, I retract my Calipari comment. I still stand by my Notae comment.

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They waved to each other. That happens quite a bit. Saw 4 SEC games last week where coaches waved at each other.

Kentucky has been in a lot of court storming. Cal has seen his share as losing coach. I don’t blame him for sending guys in. Made sense to me.

I think the reference was him sending his bench out before it was over which was a classic Cal being Cal move.

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