I caught up with Cullen Smith this week

Cullen is a student assistant and getting to experience Omaha after falling short in his last year as a player.

I thought Cullen Smith was a really good addition to last year’s team, and I was glad to see him stick around this year in the support role.

The Razorback baseball program really has a family atmosphere. I’m sure that’s true of lots of other programs, but there’s just something about the level of involvement from past players who are proud of what they helped build on the field and want to see it get even better. DJ and Blake Baxendale, Bobby Wernes, even going back to Clay Goodwin, all of these guys are still contributing to the program and adding to their own personal resume.

Matt Goodheart, Lael Lockhart, and Patrick Wicklander are some players from last year not around anymore, but they are vocal in their support for these guys and this program, and you know that wouldn’t be the case if they didn’t see value in what goes on here.


I have thought several times this season…… Cullen Smith was a very good player, seeing that he bumped Caden Wallace to the outfield last year.

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