I can't stand the white helmet, red jersey look...

https://www.sbnation.com/college-footba … s-syracuse

Good point in the last sentence… I could go one week without a twitter uniform reveal or hype video. I realize they do it for recruits, but perhaps we can take a week off and start back next year when we hopefully have more kids that care a little bit.

and right above your last post.

Notre Dame uniforms:

https://www.sbnation.com/college-footba … s-syracuse

You don’t have to watch them.

Man, I didn’t mean to start an argument. I just stated my opinion that I don’t think the white helmet looks good with our red uniforms.

I don’t mind wearing different uniform combos, and anthracite. I just think the combo of the white helmet with our red uniforms in a ugly/awful/terrible look.

True, but as fan and supporter I have opinions about how the program presents itself. Just a bad look IMO to have a player strutting about in a video showing off a uniform when the team can’t beat a P5 team to save their lives.

It screams style over substance. Reminds me of our legends in their own minds strutting about after tackle when down 45-6.

Several years ago Alabama had white helmets they wore on occasion. They did under Bear Bryant and Ray Perkins

I have actually thought for many years that a white helment with the red hog would be a great look

Because it has a red hog
Think about it, we see the red hog logo everywhere.
You put a hog magnet on your fridge, it’s gonna be red. You put one on your car, it’s gonna be red. The hog at midfield is red. The hog at center court at BWA is red.

And for what’s it’s worth, I love the solid red uniforms, with the red pants.

Ya. That seems like one obvious one and they won’t do it.

Love them.

I’m confused - won’t do what? I thought the hog on the helmet was red.

I think he meant the all red uni

Which they did use against LSU

Personally, I’m not a big fan of the all-red uni. I like the all-white because it’s a clean look (unless you’re our starting QB). The white helmet is not a problem to me because it’s as much a part of our tradition as the red; it’s just that most of us weren’t around to see that. I definitely do not think they are a Texas-wannabe helmet. That said, I don’t imagine any of us turn off the TV because of the uniform combination the team is wearing; we turn it off because of the team isn’t playing well.

“We are not SMU and we are not Houston. We don’t need to switch it up that much.”

Don’t make fun of SMU. This is what Coach Sonny Dykes says about uniforms:

“We want to be known as a tough football team that teams don’t want to play on Saturdays – not for our uniforms,” Dykes said this week during his Always Sonny on The Hilltop radio show.

Also, SMU would beat our ass by three touchdowns right now. So would Houston.

If it influences fans’ opinion of the team or program, it matters.