I can't stand the white helmet, red jersey look...

I absolutely HATE the white helmet with red jersey look. HATE IT! It’s just a terrible look.

I don’t mind the white helmet with the white jersey and white pants, but it is an awful look with our red jerseys.

We are not SMU and we are not Houston. We don’t need to switch it up that much.

End rant. :smiley:

I agree with you, but apparently the new uniform “tradition” is to have no tradition. But regardless of how people feel about changing uniforms from time to time, I also agree some look good & some look awful. If we’re going to wear white helmets, I’d prefer them with all-white uniforms.

But to me the “winner” for the worst are the anthracite uniforms & the Ohio St imitation we used against A&M last year.

I agree I hate the white helmet.

You don’t see an Alabama do tricked up unis like that.

Big part of identity for decades is the red helmet. White helmet looks like we want to look like TX. Actually had a friend in Austin ask me that once.

Only positive I see of white helmet is that it appears we are in disguise so the nation doesn’t recognize us at the moment when we are so horrible.

May be a brilliant strategy at the moment.

And what do Alabama and Arkansas have in common?

If your point is other “traditional powers” don’t trick up unis” I’ll tell you some teams that do:

Notre Dame, Ohio State, LSU, Oklahoma, Florida, Tennessee, and the list goes on.

Some of you act like nobody else does this.

Always mention Alabama. And that’s about it.

It really doesn’t matter what your or I like when it comes to uniforms.

It just doesn’t. Only what the players and the recruits want.

Actually the white helmet was tradition for years. It came before the red hemet. It had a red stripe. But, I agree with you. The white helmet blows. So lame. As I have said before…we need to ship those down to Austin as a gift for them to use as Longhorn seconds.

We have the ugliest jerseys and pants in the SEC. Those curly tusks deals on the jersey and pants are a bad look. I expect Coach Morris to have a complete re-do of the uniform. It will symbolize a new beginning, which we all know is really needed.

We have a great looking red helmet now since we jettisoned the ugly matte job. Why they didn’t wear it is a mystery. After that debacle of a game yesterday, Coach Morris probably will never use those things again. I wouldn’t.

Agree we need a total redo of uniforms. Also would like a total redo of a lot of things including the radio broadcast team. An early Thanksgiving get together forced me to listen to Barrett and the gang for the first time this year . Sounds like a HS broadcast as compared to other SEC broadcast teams. I realize a couple are former Razorbacks and I appreciate that, but not ready for prime time. Can’t believe I found myself missing Keith.

Agreed with all of this. Especially the white helmet with the all white jersey and pants. That is a good look.

Fair enough. I realize many do it.

Better stated, I personally don’t like the white helmet.

Fair enough. I realize many do it.

Better stated, I personally don’t like the white helmet.

Neither do I really except for the new red helmet and the red chrome helmet. More chrome !

I have said over and over that they should change pant and top combos, and leave the helmet alone. The red helmet with the white hog is one of the 3-4 best looking, most iconic helmets in the country. Along with…dare I say it…Texas and Michigan.

When we wear the white helmet…I think I am watching the Arizona Cardinals.

The main concern for me personally is that they start winning (regularly). We can worry about other things (such as the uniforms, the cheerleaders, etc.) later!

You know, when you say the players like the helmet, let’s all remember their sweet play yesterday and how they represented the State of Arkansas and the Razorback program. I thought the helmets were very cute and handsome and really … indicative of our team’s play this year.

Oh, BTW, you notice Bama hasn’t changed theirs, yet they’ve won 17 or 23 National Championships (depending upon who you happen to be talking with) and will absolutely slobber-knock you in open field, as opposed to artful dodging. Maybe sticking to “tradition” will attract the kind of kid we desire as opposed to kids that are thankful to be on the field “looking good”, yet playing only like they look good.

Michigan, Penn State, Oklahoma, Texas change their unis much, to attract higher ranked kids?

You’re wrong, Dudley. The fans’ opinions matter. If not directly then indirectly.

I don’t think it matters about the uniforms.

Certainly does about a lot of other stuff.

Yes, they all have worn different helmets and uniform combos.

The uniforms have nothing to do with how they played. They sucked yesterday because they sucked, not because of how they looked.

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I used to track this a little bit because every week I would hear fans talk about how the bluebloods would never mess with their uniform.

As far as I can tail pretty much everyone does except for three programs-Bama, Uscw and Penn St.

Usually when I say that someone names a school they think hasn’t done it and then I show them a picture of where they have.

And as others I’ve done here I’ll point out that the white helmet was actually more traditional here.

All that said it sure seems like we spend more time on uniform combinations then avoiding illegal procedure penalties.

Not to mention Notre Dame going with the Yankees pinstripe look yesterday.