I can't root for LSU

Just cannot get past ol cheaten Will Wade. I really want the SEC to beat the Big whatever, but not bad enough to root for LSU.

SEC isn’t doing great in the Challenge. LSU and Misery are trailing at home, Wallets down at WVa, Bama already lost. None of those margins are insurmountable though. Except Bama’s.

Down to the wire in CoMo and Red Stick. That would be a big win to beat TTech, if Wade gets return on his SAO investment.

LSU playing dumb!

Some would say that’s a redundancy

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Excellent point Jeff!

Misery hit a trey with 3 seconds left to tie it after a couple of offensive boards. Bonus basketball in the arena originally named for a party girl who paid someone else to do her college work for her.

Misery and Wallets won, Wade needed a stronger offer.

Nice choke job by the LSU SAO’s. I’ve got no problem with that loss.

Happy to see LSU blow up and get beat! They showed just how class less they are.

The LSU bagman will end up with a bad back lifting the cash for the next class.

The bagman is in trouble with his current employer for taking hospital money! They are doing a job search now to fill that position!

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