I can't recall a better Super Bowl except maybe the Joe Namath guaranteed win

Am I the only one thinking it resembled our A&M game last year? We had the better team but A&M got or generated breaks to turn the tide and win. Thought, on paper, Eagles should have won but uncharacteristic QB TO gave them a TD. Chiefs created big plays and Eagles not so much.

Any ideas on why the field was so slippery? Both teams slipped over and over. Even the kicker. No way they pick this field for the Super Bowl if this is a common problem. What did they do different? Too much paint?

The field there has never been any good. I think it is because the grass does not get enough sunlight. It is a dome. The root system is not deep enough.

I don’t know that the Eagles had better team. I’ll take Pat over Jalen. I am sure big game experience favored Chiefs. It looked like Chiefs had better line.

That field gets as much sun as any field. They roll it out into the sunlight every day. It was new sod they installed two weeks before kickoff. The surface was just slippery from the paint or something else.

That excuse doesn’t fly. The turf in Arizona (and Las Vegas) gets sunlight outside on a tray and is rolled/pushed into the stadium for events. Here’s a video of how it works.

I read somewhere (Peter King’s column this morning, actually) that this turf had been in place in that tray for two months, which should have been enough time to get a decent root system. But there were definite problems with the field last night.

Looked like the players were slipping in a lot of unpainted areas. “Ice rink” was one description.

I went into the game thinking Chiefs had the better QB, but we had better team. Chiefs proved me wrong. I am proud of Jalen. He has come a long ways. As long as Jalen, AJ and Devonta come back, we can get back. Defense needs an year end review though. Not happy with them.,They hardly touched Mahomes.

I thought the Philly pass rush would be the difference, although I really didn’t care who won. But they didn’t bother him much, and when they did, he escaped, including that huge scramble on the final drive.

Hurts was very good, but he is almost a running back playing QB. Their offensive line and receivers really make Jalen look great, but I really like him.

Jalen threw some awesome passes in the only spot that the receiver could catch the ball. He’s defiantly a QB.


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