I can't quite wrap my head

around what Muss is doing on the recruiting front, both high school and portal.
We have such an insane collection of talent right now, probably the most I’ve seen, top to bottom.

It’s weird, having such high expectations this early in the year…

But, dang I sure love it!


Probably the most talent since the 1993-1995 teams. We had a lot of depth then.


Can you have to many (great players) kids to please in 1 year or 2 years ?

ONE bad shooting slump in the Dance and you go home… No overs…

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I’ll take the talent of the 1990-91 team. That team was really, really good.

Day, Mayberry, and Miller were juniors. All played in the NBA. So did Butch Morris. Ron Hurey, Arlyn Bowers, and Roosevelt Wallace played a lot. Hurey was talented enough for the NBA.

Darryll Hawkins, Ken Biley, Clyde Fletcher, and Ernie Murry played occasionally.


I agree that the Day, Mayberry and Miller teams were our most talented teams. The team that included Lenzie Howell might be the best.

Very interesting to see what Muss is doing for sure! I just hope they hire a free-throw consultant this summer to help these new guys. We’re going to miss dead-eye Chris Lykes when it comes to the free throw line.


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