I can't imagine

that a certain former Clemson QB will come here…not now that he’s a Miss State watching them just maul us.

I think we better hunker down and be satisfied with watching a battle for QB in the spring. Might be Ty. Might be Connor. Might by KJ.

Hate to be negative. But I don’t see it. Not now. We let go of the rope today. Can’t blame anyone. Losing drains you…and its been cumulative.

Chad’s got a heckuva job ahead of him…

I’ll be happily stunned if he comes here.

yeah I have been holding out hope but he has to see the OL is beyond pathetic and we lose 3 of them…he seems like a great guy and deserves a chance at success his final yr.we are easily at least 2 yrs away…just really a bad bad football team.

Moo U will loose 3 beast on their defense so they will look much different.
Today is just a repeat of every miserable game this team has played since the Belk Bowl! One more game and this seasons n will come to an end.
As for KB s becoming a hog. What better evidence would it be for him to lead the hogs to winning season following this pitiful season.

I imagine Auburn will land him or perhaps Mississippi State. Either way we’ll probably wind up having to play against him. However, until he says one way or another, I will hold out hope that I’m wrong.

HEa not coming, save yourselves the trouble and don’t entertain the thought.

not much to believe in us, but he did knowingly schedule his announcement for CCM 50th birthday on December 4. I don’t get why we so trail TN for thru the year development and now recruiting. I’d bet UT ends up with two five-star OT’s and Eric Gray who is scary quick. Also had the nations #1 recruit from IMG visiting this weekend. UT was buried deeper than us when Butchy boy left after last year. Pruitt is the bland form of Nicky, but seems to have hauled Knoxville much higher than us in the same time frame of CCM. Someone help me find something to believe in from CCM. One KB commit could do that, but it seems to be circling the drain.

https://www.rockytoptalk.com/2018/11/19 … nteers-sec

Tennessee was in bad shape, but not as bad as us. They have more overall talent, more NFL prospects than we do, and had more success under Butch than Bielema did. Did they completely collapse in 2017? Yes, but the cupboard was not as bare.

Still think they lose to Vandy and get the same bowl invite that we do.

The Vols needed adult supervision from a coach that would push them! They had talent and still have talent. Their dumpster fire has went out and ours is still ablaze.