I can't believe we didn't even try a 3 late

The game was over. Sigh.

I’m honestly upset about the streak ending. I know it’s silly but I am.


Me too, I agree I am being silly.


I thought it was good pub for the team to have that streak. Should have shot a few late IMO

Of course the win is more important, but the game was won late. Why not try a few???

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In the words of the great Jim Stafford, all good things gotta come to an end. At least we are getting a clearer idea of our identity. Shooting a lot of 3’s is not a part of this team’s recipe for success. Gonna have to hang our hats on Defense, rebounding and put backs. And minimize the turnovers.


I am not particularly concerned about “the streak” or the end of it. What I do find concerning is that we are hitting a terrible percentage from behind the arc, and I cannot see our being a serious post season contender if we cannot add the 3 point shot to our itinerary.

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We are really bad at shooting threes this year.

We all wanted to keep the streak alive, but the team concentrated on the win not the streak. Took what was given to them.
Streaks over we don’t have to worry about it now. Just keep the win streak going.

Was clear from the outset of this game the players were told by the coaching staff to attack the paint and rim and DO NOT settle for threes.

It worked

We had 11 tries and made none. The game is about habits and learning and executing what your team does best. You close out the game the same way as if you were protecting a 4 or 5 point lead because that’s what it may be on Saturday.

Had it been a non-conference game, maybe you put a couple up. But you don’t turn a conference win into a side show at the end by trying to run set plays to jack up a bunch of threes just to keep a streak alive.

If you can’t do it during the course of the game, then so be it. Take the win. And start a new streak. JMVHO

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While I’m not sad to see the streak end, per se…especially since we won…it just underscores what a poor outside shooting team we are.

In this day and age, if you can’t shoot the 3 at least at an average rate, it’s a significant issue and WILL cost us games we otherwise would be competitive in. It’s a limiting factor on the team and will keep us from doing much in the postseason, IF we get there.

Not a bitch session…just a fact.

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We are a poor 3 pt shooting team, but we have made a few timely ones when needed ((LSU).
In this game tonight we took advantage of other areas against So Car, by design.
Yes that aspect needs improvement if we want to compete with the better teams.
Just have to wait and see if teams dare us to make them and collapse everything on defense.

I was a little upset the streak ended. Then I realized up until tonight, with a few minutes left in the game, I had no idea there even was a streak. So I hadn’t been aware of it all these years, why let it bother me now? Hogs win either way, so that’s good, one less thing to be upset about.

I started yelling for a three around the 2.5 min mark when I thought the game was in hand but…I was largely ignored.

I appreciate the win but at the same time I’m disappointed and concern. You can’t go 0% from the three and expect to be competitive. Just my thoughts.

Now that the streak is over just maybe we won’t feel compelled to attempt one. At best were probably looking at a 30% success rate

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Prior to SEC play, we had only 3 games with less than 20 3-point attempts (we went 3/13 against Charlotte). We seemed to have the same offensive approach (as in nonconference games) in the first 2 SEC games. Perhaps the philosophy began to change at A&M.

In SEC games: MSU: 8/27. Vandy: 6/22. A&M: 6/19. Mizzou: 4/19. LSU: 5/17. USC: 0/11.

Analytics should tell a poor shooting perimeter team to not take a high volume of perimeter shots.

While I agree with the notion that you must shoot the 3 effectively in today’s game, I also agree that if you are a team that shoots 28% from 3 - and you take 20 3’s a game - you are wasting a lot of possessions. You might as well just be turning the ball over instead of jacking a 3.

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There were several times during the streak that we were struggling from deep and finally made one late in the game. Just didn’t get that one last night. Oh well. I’d much rather win without a trey than keep the streak alive and lose.

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#319 in the NCAA, after 1/2 of our season. Awful. Who would have thought this back in June.

I didn’t get to watch the second half, but i tracked it on ESPN app’s game cast. The play-by-play for most of the half was “Jaylin Williams made a lay-up” or “JD Notae made a lay-up” or “Audeise Toney offensive rebound, made a lay-up.” Several included and-1 fouls. I don’t recall seeing very many “JD Notae missed a 3-point jumper.” It was pretty clear from reading the thread that SC couldn’t keep us out of the lane on the bounce. A good coach will take a lay-up every time it’s available. After I got home I watched the recording, my thinking was confirmed. We didn’t pass up open 3’s because we couldn’t make them. We took the easiest path to score. Good coaching right there. As for the streak? Meh. It was cool but I’d rather win. BTW, how about that defense? 19 second half points for SC.

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