I can’t listen to another CCM press conf

Today Biddy says, “coach I know you can’t give away the game plan but can you talk about KJ and him in the game”.

Response: “there’s a plan for him to play. I don’t know when he will play, but there’s a plan”.

Sure coach! You have a plan but you don’t know. Just say I’m not going to comment on the game plan. We already know you don’t know much. Just don’t have to open your mouth and admit it.

November to Remember!

Left Lane Hammer Down!

We will get it fixed!

Sure coach! You been talking with coach Mora Sr.?

Just Copy Paste! If you have seen one in the last 6 weeks you pretty much don’t have any reason to see another one! The club dub episode ruined this season! It’s been down hill ever since then.

How could I forget club dub? Oh yea because it was for those recruits!! Not sure which ones we got from it but I know which ones we lost.

Chad is the worst communicator we’ve ever had as a HC. It’s the reason he doesn’t have a lot of defenders left IMO. He’s never been able to articulate a coherent vision for the program and is just awful in press conferences - coach speak galore, evasive, defensive, etc.

When the results on the field are bad you better be able to go in to spin mode. He can’t do it and is floundering.

It’s gotten to the point I feel sorry for him having to go in front of the press.

He’s doing this crap on purpose.

There’s one fact that should be considered when looking at this years hogs! Youth! There is talent but they are young. They will make mistakes and they have. It comes down to the leadership that it takes from the sideline to give the players the motivation to come out ready to play and the lack of making a change at QB to give the team a chance to win! CCM sat on the sideline and watched QB’s play like a rag bag and do nothing that’s unacceptable. That (unacceptable) is one of the words he uses in his press conference. Along with we want to get better.
The hogs will be better next season no matter who the HC is. I can’t remember a hog team ever having this much youth. I have hope our hogs and maybe like “Cub fans” we get out of this ditch that smiley started digging and BP put another foot under and CBB dug for 5 years! CCM isn’t responsible for the lack of talent in the JR and SR class and the OLine at this point but in my opinion he needs some sand paper to rub off the edge and get things done with what he has! Sometimes you have to be smart enough to be able to evaluate how to use the players you have and win! That’s always been a trade mark of Hogs Football!

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