I can sorta accept losing to Bama

Almost every year. We just do not and will not have the talent to beat those guys very often. I doubt it will happen again until Saban leaves. I can also accept losing more to Aubrun than we win. I’m not disgusted with our record against LSU. We’re holding our own against a very good program. Even Bielema was able to beat the rebellious cheating ones from Ox-n-ford, so I’m good with how we’ve played them. What needs to change soon, is our recent performances against Miss Steak and Misery. Man there’s no excuse for having a poor record against those teams. Hoping CMM can quickly put those guys in their places, which is definitely below us.

In games decided by one score, Arkansas is:

0-3 vs. Missouri since 2014
0-4 vs. Miss. State since 2013
0-3 vs. Texas A&M since 2014
4-1 vs. Ole Miss since 2011

The troubles with Miss. State are puzzling. And you can almost sense something wild coming when Arkansas and A&M play. I’m sure Chad Morris hopes some of the good fortune vs. Ole Miss rubs off when facing the other teams above. This year, these are four winnable league games. A split or 3-1 is doable, I think.

Let’s go with 3-1 or 4-0.

Yeah I think my normally reliable memory has been traumatized by Bielema’s results vs A$M. I didn’t even think about them. Too painful. Despite the Aggie’s talent advantage, wins have been there for the taking. Time for that one to flip, and I think it will soon.

It’s strange how things changed with Miss St. We owned them for about 14 years. Now they’ve owned us for about 6 years. A&M is a bit more understandable, but still no fun. Missouri is inexplicable. We’ve been better than them every year we’ve played them (well, maybe not last year), but we’re 1-3. Really annoying.

I think one of those losses was the result of some very questionable officiating and the other two were the result of some questionable game management.

Misery has been all about our lack of depth and poor conditioning showing up at the end of the year SEC grind.

I don’t want to ever accept Bama or anyone is better than Arkansas except resources

But Bama is the team to measure up to

If things are going right I have to believe Arkansas can beat Bama at least 1 out of 3 or 4 games

But yes Bama is good

Right now the way MSU has played and won with far less resources than Arkansas should tell us what is possible

Now that Dan Mullen is at UF it’s going to be interesting to see if MSU can keep its momentum

It’s not losing to Bama that bothers me. It’s getting blown out that does.

Everybody knows I’m not a fan of February star gazing, but if you can take your pick of the very best talent, your odds of winning go way, way up. Saban does that. So does Dabo, and Kirby is getting there. Until that changes, or we start winning more of those battles, chances of beating them are not very good. Can we punch above our weight under the current circumstances? Yeah. Can we win it all? Probably not. Everything would have to completely fall into place.

If DVH and the baseball team proves you can compete for a NC at Ark then surely it can be done in other sports as well.

It is about getting talent and then being able to coach it.

Better start winning in Feb. if you want to win in the fall. We have been way down on talent of the type required to win in the SEC. We have been far too slow and not in condition. That has to change and at least the new coach is trying.

I agree. I do think, however, that it is easier to compete at a national level in sports that require fewer players. Basketball (12-13 players), baseball (25 or so), golf, track and field, etc., are all easier, though not easy to compete for titles. Football (85+) requires getting years of winning recruiting battles. To do that, you have to win.

I like this and it’s not just Bama it’s being blown out by anybody

If another team wins I want them to not want a rematch and need recovery before the next game

In baseball, the Alabama analogy falls on Florida and Oregon State. They get more talent than anyone else. You notice who won the SEC regular season title and who won the NC. It’s frankly easier to win the CWS than to win the SEC. Two pitchers can get you almost all the way there. The talent gap between us and Florida in baseball is not nearly as pronounced as the talent gap between us and Saban or Dabo or even Gus. And needing to sign 25 a year just accentuates our disadvantage. That, and the in state talent pool in baseball is a lot better than in football. DVH can win a lot of games with Shaddy and Knight and Murphy, all Arkansas kids.

I hate to get blown out by any team in any sport! Accepting the results in football when you get beat like a drum and humiliated is not acceptable. No matter what the talent gap is! A few years ago the hogs lost to Bama 14-13. The stars were lined up and we gave that game away. We should never just roll over and accept losing. Compete and leave it on the field.
Make sure your opponent don’t circle the game with you as an easy victory or look forward to the next matchup.

We have the staff and fan support to get us to the level where we are seriously
in the equation to win the SEC. Then whoever is next. This has to be done in
fear and trembling because we have less cushion than an LSU, A&M or Florida or Georgia. Bama goes without needing to be mentioned.

Truth! I like how you think yes!