i can see why we went after

so many receivers in this upcoming class. other than jordan jones we have no real speed and its quite apparent the receivers we have on campus cannot get off tight man to man coverage. our receivers were rerouted all day yesterday which led to 2 or 3 of the 6 interceptions we threw. i still don’t understand why we are not running 4 and 5 wideouts, surely we can find a mismatch somewhere, a quick drop to prevent the qb from getting killed from the pass rush. has anyone noticed every time patton catches a pass he taps his helmet and wants to come out? this 3 tight end package is not going to work. wish craddock and morris would look at north texas offensive philosophy and run some of that.

We are severely under talented.

The announcers were talking about how even though we were the SEC team, NT was the faster team. Just more of Bret’s destruction, the lack of speed recruitment.

I think Mike Woods is going to be a stud. This system needs at least a couple of really good receivers that can get separation and get 50/50 balls and an accurate QB. Morris will get those receivers and I really hope a QB.

But, look, the extreme need is in the trenches. Watching OU play is such a pleasure. What a freaking machine. They’ve got it all offensively including an awesome OL. And they can play enough defense.

I thought Michael Woods looked good. I don’t know if it’s poor coaching or just lack of talent, but most of the receivers seem to have a hard time getting separation. The homerun balls thrown yesterday except for one occasion were nothing more than long heaves with hope written on them. It would seem plausible that there needs to be more short quick throws especially inside. Again that may be wishful thinking if we don’t have the talent on both ends.

The only hope this offense has is to do what NT is doing very quck precise accurate throws b/c we are in trouble if can’t block NT DL! Auburn DL has grown men up there and will hurt you real quick.I am frustrated as to why we thuink we have to throw all these deep vertical routes with no checkoff routes underneath.its complete suicide with this OL