I can confirm hiring

will be released at 4:20;

According to this he was making $261,000 at Riverside. I presume Muss is bumping that up substantially.

You figure he’ll make about double.

I was thinking at least $400K but double wouldn’t surprise me. Jeff Goodman was on record as surprised that Patrick took our job.

Good hire. I like it.

It always amuses me when a national reporter gets news about our program before our own beat reporter like Bob Holt and recruiting guy RD. But I know why that happens. It is give and take between the coaches and national reporters. Win-win.

I think this was leaked on the west coast.

Looks like a good hire

Should be good West Coast connection. Makes perfect sense.

And there is the issue that our reporters are going to get verification before releasing news. Sometimes it means that others break the story, but we know that when we hear from the reporters on this board, it will be fact. (I always think about the announcement of Derrick Gragg as the Arkansas AD.)

Exactly Marty, it’s journalistic integrity which all of the HI staff subscribes to daily. Simple as that…

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