I broke down and subscribed to Kenpom

Now I gotta figure out what all this info means, Oh well, that’ll give me something to do on nights there’s not a game.

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BTW Jeff, I just signed up for The Athletic on their Thanksgiving special for $1 a month. Well worth that investment.


I subscribed last year, and figured a lot of it out. But my memory is bad so have forgotten it all. I’ve got to go back into it and refresh my memory on it for this year. I would love to get a subscription to Hoop Lens but they didn’t answer my email. Probably too expensive. I love the stats because it gives me different things to watch for during the games.

What is it all about…have heard the name but don’t know much about them.

Kenpom? Pomeroy uses box score info to figure out efficiency ratings, tempo and even luck, which he uses to rank teams. He also calculates individual efficiencies. And a lot of other stuff I haven’t figured out yet.

Oh ok I gotcha… thanks

Pomeroy also projects our record. But I don’t quite understand it. It projects five losses, all in SEC play, but a final record of 23-8/11-7. (Those five are @ Moo U, @ SAO, @ Bama, @ Wallets, @ EOE). And the closest projected NC game remaining is a 64% chance of beating the Paperclips. So I’m a bit confused.

I’ve found the record projection is the least accurate of all of them. It is a purely statistical calculation. As with all of those it gets more accurate as time goes on.

Every single game no matter who is playing changes things. I did screenshots after games so I’d know change last year.

Long time subscriber to KP, for the $$$$ you can’t beat it. You’ll like it.

If you dig around I believe there is an explanation. Seems I recall KP is open to answering reasonable questions by email also.