I bounced the NIL full ride idea

Off Andy Staples at The Athletic: Paying for a player’s education via NIL, thus freeing up a scholarship to go to someone else. Andy said he had absolutely talked to Group of 5 coaches who were afraid they would lose starters to an NIL walk-on deal at a Power 5 school.

But he said there’s another number those players need to consider: 11. As in only 11 people can be on the field. If you’re taking an NIL deal to try to get more NFL exposure, you might not get enough snaps to strut your stuff. Or keep the NIL deal…

And the same applies to basketball, except the number is 5. If you’re on the end of the bench, it’s not going to work for you and the NIL money is likely going to go away.

Playing time is a real motivation. And playing time at your preferred spot (Brini) is a motivation, too.

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