I Both Love and Hate the New Board

I never realized that this move was more than a strategic play on Clay’s part, yet the character of this board is far different. Swine is here as is the Wizard, yet those that hate are strangely absent. Of course we are 3 and 0. The bad is yet to come sooner or later. Hopefully, not in my lifetime, but I know better. I never cared anything for the personal degradations even though the old board was the best of the worst. I always just wanted information and the right to ask intelligent questions, at least intelligent for me. It didn’t work that way. This player sucks, and that coach needs to be fired. I don’t need to hear that. I enjoy the game and I just want to get better.

Why get on this board when you are frustrated and take it out on me? I didn’t do anything. I love the players and the coaches; always have and always will. There is both a hateful way to express frustration as well as a positive one. I choose to be positive. On the old board, there was always a smart aleck to tear and destroy.

No, I am not anticipating a loss this weekend. I think we win, but at some point a loss will come. Please handle your frustrations like an adult. If you know more than the coaches, please apply for the job. Gus, the great offensive mind, needs some help I think.

Agreed. Well said! So glad to lose the negativity and the immature pettiness!

Unfortunately the culture of trash talk has grown the last 25 years. The trash talk is bad enough but then we add in the anonymity of a message board and people can unleash anger and insecurity on the masses. There are people that love to create fights and tear down others and they’ve been around since the dawn of time. I don’t envy someone that owns or manages a message board, because the decisions are influenced by a need for traffic, posters, and subsequent revenues. Sadly, the freaks cause a ruckus that drives traffic.

Ah ronpad6, the haters and trash talkers (the nasty type) are still with us. So far much of the vitriol has come from a few (very few) who hate the forced transfer from story commentary to message board. Most of the obnoxious comments have been posted in the Lounge and mostly by Petrino worshipers who despise Coach B and Jeff Long. I am also to be despised because I took down a whole thread (talk about one that degenerated!), I’m a woman, and I never played team sports.

But this board is still a wealth of information and strangely quiet when the Hogs are winning.

Far less exchange with all the moderators than we have had in past although Matt & Jimmy are on here often answering posts & comments

I’m sure Clay Dudley glad to get a break and not referree so much

Lots more insight in articles than before

Still adjusting to new board but love having the HOGS undefeated with huge game Sat

I have 2 problems with the new board (actually 3, but since we have been told thread view is not possible, I have moved on from that):

  1. Clay is posting much less. When it comes down to it, I have paid for the HI board for 15 years to get Clay’s insight. I know we are getting more insight from other’s (i.e. I’m starting to really trust Jimmy Carter’s takes), but after all these years, I have really come to depend on Clay.

  2. There is less interaction among posters, although it seems to be getting a little better. I think the lack of thread view has really hurt poster interaction.

But, I still get info here that I don’t get elsewhere.

I think I’ve posted about the same. I know I’m spending the same amount of time. Maybe it takes longer to get through things without the thread view. I asked for thread view and have listened to why it’s not going to happen. I moved on from that and know that the techs have done the research and tried to make it possible. It’s not.

As far as posting, when you come to the board and see questions already answered by Jimmy and Matt, you move on to the next thread. They are very active. We also have added Richard. He’s very active. The total number of posts by our staff has gone up times six.

One of the things that’s done is given me more time to write, what I love to do most. I think the number of words I’ve written in the last six weeks is up from where it was last year.

Does that make you the Beth Mowins of HI/WHS, Marty? :smiley:

The new board is a lot more vanilla and dull. I wish all the posters from HawgsIllustrated had come over here, but that didn’t happen. Maybe it will pick up.

I do like the information that Jimmy Carter and Matt Jones are giving us. They are good.

This is a DemocratGazette site. Why doesn’t Wally Hall post?

We start losing some games, the vanilla goes away. Not that you can’t complain about a win (go back and read Sunday’s threads), but the sniping picks way up after a loss.

I am noticing one thing about the merger of WHS and HI. A lot of the people who formerly commented on WHS are more negative (which I observed lurking on the old WHS), and they’re not used to being challenged on their negativity. Reminds me in a way of all the people who wanted HDN fired immediately back in the day; when someone dared to suggest that firing him tomorrow might not be a good idea, they freaked.

I think it’s important to note probably 80% of the negativity is on Hawg Lounge, and if newcomers from WHS are now meeting intelligent opposition to their posts I think it means our normal posters, such as yourself, are dipping into HL more than you did. I think this may be due to the format here whereas new and unread posts from the free and the pay sites are shown equally. I rarely read HL but somehow I’m drawn to those seemingly interesting threads perhaps due to either the OP or last poster.

I don’t disagree with that, Fred. I rarely went on the Lounge on HI, but I wasn’t a moderator on the HI boards either. I probably don’t look at the Lounge as much as I should as a mod, but occasionally stuff gets flagged and I go take a peek. Marty is doing more of the heavy lifting over there.

I’m here for excellent content and willing to pay for it. I think the content is so credible that it negates some of the debate. I think we have to adjust our expectations for a message board because this might not be a place for combative dialogue. Most boards are contentious and some like the challenge. I am a Hog fan that wants to learn about the Hogs and what other fans are thinking.

Count me as a huge fan of the new format/site. I used to dig thru posts looking for responses by Clay/Dudley/Matt (who had begun to post quite a bit over the last year of HI). Those were the only ones I spent time reading. Now, I go straight to the stories because I’ve realized most of their commentary is being focused there. Makes it easier to find in my opinion. And I don’t have to read a bunch of back-and-forth to discover what Clay is referring to.

I think it’s more appropriate to just say it’s a different experience. The amount of content has been amazing here compared to my years with HI. There are 6 or 7 well written articles a day it seems. A number of different angles being covered. It’s really great insight and content about one of my few hobbies (Razorbacks).

If does seem the amount of post on the insider board has dropped off, but seems to get better every week. It’s nice to see some of the old posters I liked to read popup every few days.

Really? :shock:

It could be that he read some of the comments about him when the new boards first started. There were several threads about users being suckered into opening his articles and quickly closing them before they read them.

The past month or so has been my first experience with Razorback message boards and I think this is a great format with a plethora of views, analysis and content. Really, really enjoying it!

You guys piqued my interest so I checked out Hawg Lounge - I think I may steer clear of the Lounge.

MARTY: I think you’re doing a great job! I look forward to more baseball stuff after our 10 win football season and return to the NCAAT…

I liked better the daily practice reports in text. I am not much into watching the video of the players or the coaches. I know that it takes more writing by the writers but I just liked it better.

The Insiders Board has grown dull as there is just not that much insider’s information.

We still have written practice reports after every day in which there are interviews. In fact, we have had at least two after every practice since the preseason. We’ll have two more tonight.

There are no longer interviews on Thursday, which is a change from past years. But we have compensated for that by having a report from each of Bielema’s radio shows that night.

As for the information contained on these boards, I think there is more unique information here than there was on Scout. Richard has doubled our recruiting information and Jimmy has enhanced what we had on the football and basketball side. It has allowed Clay to write more columns and me to focus more on the editorial and administrative side. We also have a baseball board that contains more information than any of the others on the Diamond Hogs.

Marty banned him. :lol: