I bet there isn’t another

Football team in USA that has played 5 qbs in one season!

Do we have any QBs that hasn’t played this season, under sized inexperienced O line will make every QB look bad. If Ty Storey showed us anything it’s that Morris was right he was better off to move on from Arkansas. WPS

Well, to be fair, the game was over when Lindsey came in. It’s not unusual for anyone to let 4th teamers to play in a game that has been decided.

Of course, Lindsey actually played pretty well. Hit some nice passes & led us on a nice scoring drive.

First time in a game and it’s against LSU at LSU. Pretty dang good and didn’t matter who was on the field for LSU, it was still dang good.

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In fairness, none of the QBs were consistent enough to stick with one. Could some of that be coaching? Maybe, but none of them took the job and kept it.

Hicks record holder at SMU. Starkel once started at A&M? Experienced. Based on their performance, you would have never known. So what happened? It wasn’t just in SEC games against SEC defenses.
It definitely seems to point to some lack of coaching.