I bet there is lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth at LSU these days -------------

--------------- not only did we get one of their states top recruits with our new first baseman but I noticed Texas had a starter from Louisiana as well. I flipped channels to check on the LSU & Auburn game and they were 2/3 empty seats. Add the floundering football and basketball programs and things are pretty bad down south. Too bad.

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Darn. I really hate that, if so. (Heavy sarcasm alert)


Guess the corn dog concessions are way down… :wink:


… and the mustard vendors are losing money.

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It is my understanding that Stovall did not give much consideration to LSU. If he didn’t end up at Arkansas, I think he might have wound up at South Carolina or Texas.

Oooooo. I bet that stings in Corndog land. Top instate MLB prospect going anywhere but Baton Rouge.

Facilities and coaching. The young man wanted to go somewhere he could develop his talents and play college ball! DVH and the staff will help him and he knew that. I’m glad he’s a hog and hope our hogs continue to get the top talent out of Louisiana!

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