I bet that "getting some new assistants" was one of the visions for the future.........................

…that was lacking in the HY/CMA visit at the Blessings that triggered CMA’s being let go. HY handled the questions about that meeting in a very politically correct way and concentrated on complimenting CMA not criticizing. That was all “water under the bridge” and no need to wallow in it. Mike has a stubborn streak and I can see him basically saying “we will be all right doing it all the same just give us more time” and that was not good enough for HY. I wonder if he did not believe “HY would fire Nolan’s protege the same year they want to rename the court for Nolan” so he took a hard stand in the meeting? I doubt we will ever know for sure unless one of the three that were there talk.

I’m told that was one of the many things discussed, but not demanded and was not a deciding factor.

what was the deciding factor?

Exactly what he said in his initial statement.

He believes that Arkansas needed somebody else that could better compete for SEC and NCAA titles.

Also that eight years was enough of a body of work, which was not up to where HY wants the program to be at on a consistent basis.