I believe we'll be visitor Monday

OSU is the higher seed, 3 to our 5. We’ll bat last Tuesday. If Wednesday comes, coin flip.

I think Oregon State would be the home team for Game 3. No coin flip necessary.

We are getting screwed on the home and visitor picks. This will be our 3rd straight game as visitor?

Yup, according to D1, Arkansas is the away team.

Hadn’t hurt us so far.

I view this kind of like choosing to receive the ball rather than defer and kick off to the other team first. The way we’re rolling right now, I kind of like the chance to have our offense strike first and set a tone for the game early. Of course, I am familiar with the advantages of having the last at bat. But I’ll take my chances if they’re going to the bottom of the ninth down 2 or 3 runs, and live with it.