I believe Charlie Strong goes the Muschamp route back to Head Coaching

I believe he returns to the Defensive Coordinator position with the Asst. Head Coaching title for a year or 2 dependant on Major job opening’s.

Geoff Collins is Florida’s current DC and is scheduled to make $1,051,500, not including potential bonuses, during a contract year that began Feb. 1. If he takes a HC gig I suspect Coach Strong to return to a place of familiarity.

Strong served as defensive line coach in South Bend from 1995-1998, and we all witnessed the season-long struggles of the Fighting Irish defensively this fall.
Brian VanGorder was fired earlier in the season and brought Greg Hudson in October.

It is well publicized that BB reached out to Charlie Strong just recently and it’s also obvious it was no coincidence especially considering Coach Strong spent the first 23 yrs of his life in the Natural State. (College UCA)


Expect you are right. He will need to fluff up and polish his resume a bit before getting another gig as HC. Would love to see him leading the Razorback defense.

Somehow I don’t expect to see that happening for us.

I don’t see the infatuation with Strong. The Shorthorn’s D hasn’t been all that impressive since he has been there. I don’t even recall Louisville having that great of a D. Just because he is known as a defensive guy. Supposedly he’s a good recruiter but then again, Texas was getting out recruited.

Lots of posters criticizing CBB for the results not showing up on the field but Strong’s didn’t really either. I think I’ll pass on him.

That’s because he was a “HEAD COACH” who allowed the “Coordinators” to do their job. Make no mistake he is one heck of a “Defensive Coordinator” on the level of Muschamp.

Takes a year off even with the Clause in his Texas contract that he must pursue other jobs to cut their $ in the buyout

Think so too Dudley. He can easily get by the clause with a couple of interviews for HC jobs.

And I am one of those that never was impressed with MuschUmp either. I don’t think a MuschUmp or a Strong defense ever shut down the Hogs. I think Dave Aranda is better.

October 13, 2007 in Fayetteville.

Lol, it’s no surprise to me that someone dug up ONE game. Nice find.

October 14, 2000 - SC 27 Arkansas 7 - Charlie Strong is DC
October 13, 2001 Arkansas 10 SC 7 - Charlie Strong is DC — in Little Rock
November 26, 2004 LSU 43 Arkansas 14 - Will Muschamp is DC — in Little Rock
October 4, 2008 Florida 38 Arkansas 7 - Charlie Strong is DC — in Fayetteville

Ahhh, multiple games. Since you’re doing homework, fill in the blanks on the rest of the time they’ve played so your statistical analysis is non biased.

So the most recent game was 2008. People are clammoring for DC Smith to be fired (I’m not sure I disagree) but he’s had a better season at Arkansas since 2008.

There have definitely been times the Hogs have scored on Strong and Muschamp, however that wasn’t the original comment. Now you are moving the goal posts.

And by the way, I’d prefer a handful of other DCs to Robb Smith, Will Muschamp or Charlie Strong.

No, not really moving the goal posts. I appreciate the debate and I certainly made a statement w/o the facts. With that said, I’m STILL not impressed with either Strong or MuschUmp to want them at Arkansas.

Charlie was at South Carolina from 1999-2002; we played them every year he was there. Other than the two games listed above, we beat them 48-14 in '99, when the Chickens were horrible (0-11), and beat them 23-0 in '02. He was at Florida from '03-'09. We lost to them five times in that span, including the '06 SECCG loss and the game listed above. Others were 28-33 at Fayetteville (the Tony Bua late hit game), 30-45 at Gainesville in '04, and 20-23 at Gainesville in '09 (the Marc Curles game). The Gators, of course, won the '06 NC with Charlie as the DC, shutting down Ohio State in the NCG.
The homework left out one very strong defensive game. Muschamp was Auburn DC in 2006-2007. Auburn beat us 9-7 in 2007 in RRS, after we beat them 27-10 at Auburn when they were ranked #2 in '06.
Muschamp was also the LSU DC for Miracle on Markham 1 in '02, when they really played great defense for 59 minutes, and when they beat us 55-24 in '03.