I asked about the red towers

when I visited with Hunter Yurachek at lunch. He said Walmart wanted a bigger presence in the stadium and that was the result. He did say he wished they had covered the back of the towers as well as the front. RSN sold the signage to Walmart.

It’s not paint. It’s a wrap. He said the guy who put on the wrap is a Spiderman dude. He starts at the top with the wrap and pulls it down inch by inch. He said it was incredible to watch. Why not video it? Apparently, he didn’t want to be videotaped. Maybe he’s got a skill he doesn’t want to share with anyone else?

Clay, I liked your first answer the best!

I appreciate you asking, and since he’s the boss, why doesn’t he get the backs covered?? If you watched the construction cameras, you would have noticed a helmet on a guy from the north facing camera over the time, I figured he was just adjusting something. You got a glimpse of his work on the south camera as he put down the last of his wrap last week.

Would prefer Walmart smaller and below the razorback but it still looks better than blank area as it has been in past

I personally think it looks pretty awesome.

I’d rather it be red without the ad, but that’s just me, and I understand the economic realities. At least it’s not Walmart Stadium.

Which brings up a question. We named it for DWR after his foundation provided the $20 million for the 2001 expansion. But what if Tyson Foods said, we’ll pay $10 million a year for 20 years to have it be Tyson Foods Stadium? I bet it would be TFRS next year. Or now.

To give you an idea. AT&T is paying about $19 million a year to have its name on Jerry World. And some European soccer stadiums go for more than that, although some of those also include getting their corporate name on the team’s jerseys as well as the stadium.

I’m not sure how the donation from the Donrey Foundation read, but lots of those type of things are spelled out in legalese, so they may not be able to change it without permission. Since the foundation is/will be dissolving, it may open a new revenue stream, lol.

The stadium should have been Frank Broyles Stadium, in my view. I understand the naming goes with the money. Whatever happened to doing what is right and just? He is the man who built the athletic program and raised the football program from the depths. Very few know this is Frank Broyles Field. Noboby except a few know who Donald W. Reynolds is. The naming of the stadium should be part of Coach Broyles’ legacy and Razorback history.

The building underneath the NEZ is still going to be the Broyles Center. Economic realities crop up again; the people who write the big checks get their names on stuff, such as Jerry Jones, Fred Smith, Bud Walton, and Charlie Baum, as you move south on Razorback Road. You wanna know who needs something named for him, it’s Norm DeBriyn. Arkansas football had been good before Frank at times. Arkansas baseball was nothing before Norm.

Y’all do remember that the field is named “Frank Broyles Field”, right?

And the street which runs between Baum Stadium and the Tyson Track Center is named DeBriyn Drive.

Yup. But that’s a tiny street sign. You wouldn’t know it unless you’re at a game, and maybe not even then if you just go in and out of the northeast corner or the Hog Pen.

His opinion is that FBF is not adequate, and I can see that. Nobody knows that EOE-K plays on Shields-Watkins Field, but they all know Neyland Stadium. Or that EOE-A plays on Joe Jamail Field (Jamail was a Houston attorney who won a billion dollar lawsuit for Pennzoil against Texaco and collected $335 million instantly; by the time he died in 2015 he was worth five times that much).

Well, looks like they missed their goal of having all of the outside work finished by Aug 1st, hopefully they’ll have my seats in place for the Aug 25th tour and scrimmage.

Where are these red towers?

The towers at the southeast and southwest corners of the stadium containing stairs up to the upper deck and suite/club levels.

And elevators.

Right. I wasn’t entirely sure about that; it’s been several years since I’ve utilized one of those towers, even though I sat on the east upper levels for quite a while. But generally ADA requirements are that there be elevators as well as stairs/ramps for those with impaired mobility.

Thanks for the information.

If you look at the webcam of the stadium project from north of the stadium (link is pinned on this board), you can see part of the red tower at the southeast corner