I approve

Now will football & basketball coaches ask for a change?

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SO SO so easy to skirt that.

Generally just about every athlete has some sort of coach or non family contact point. So Recruiter contacts other… talks to other… other passes on message. All this is doing is creating a middle man position and that can be fraught with complication of wanting money or pointing athlete in other directions, etc.

No good ever comes from a situation where you create the need for a middle man, handler, or a cut-out. NOTHING.

Well, it’s completely nuts now. If a coach doesn’t recruit a 9th grader, they may never have a shot at getting that kid. It makes sense to me, but what do I know?

I agree is “sounds” like a good idea. But in reality its not going to change a thing. Sorta like a newly elected politician telling you he is going to Washington to fight the corruption. Sounds great, never gonna do anything to make a difference. Just my opinion.

I think it is a great idea. Collegiate sports are going crazy lately and
need many corrections.

I think it’s a needed change, but the details are a little weird. Why not June 1 instead of August 1 so the coaches can recruit rising juniors playing summer ball? Or July 1 so that schools that get to Omaha are not disadvantaged?

I assume that’s the case.

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