I am surprised...

with the lack of production from D. Reed. Last year he was a true difference maker. It seems as if Allen seldom even looks at him. As good as Allen throws the deep ball I would think Reed would be the perfect target, as fast as he is. I still remember how he ran off and let that LSU DB last year. I really thought last night would be a big night for him.

Me too. I don’t know what’s wrong with him.

You don’t get on the field if you can’t hold on to the football. I’m pretty sure he didn’t play any in the first half following his fumble. He did get some plays in the second half, just not certain exactly how long he stayed in the doghouse.

So was the fumble really all his fault?

Yes, replays showed AA put it right in his belly and Reed just didn’t secure it.

I thought Austin called the snap late and had to hurry the handoff. That said, a QB has to trust a receiver before he starts throwing his way. Not sure Austin is there yet and it sounds like Reed isn’t doing his part in practice.

Reed just hasn’t looked the same to me since K-State knocked him loopy in the bowl game. Could it be self-preservation overcoming what he needs to do on the field? Or just lack of focus? Dunno, but he’s not the same player he was last November.

He didn’t look great in preseason practices. Too many drops. I do know that he’s had a high ankle sprain. That should be about healed. He was less than impressive in some situations in practice. Did not secure all of the throws to him on deep passes. Just seems a little off. That was before the ankle sprain, too. It may still click and I know the coaches have not given up on him, but I think he’ll have to show what he can do in practice before getting a lot of critical chances in games. So far his practice play has been an indication of how he is going to play in a game.