I am Surprised Morris has Fared So Poorly

I’ve wanted a more open offense for a long time; I was so hopeful that Morris would deliver this. And, I was excited about his hire and what I thought he could achieve via recruiting in Texas.

(Not saying I was blind last season, but I thought things would begin to settle in this season.)

But, after nearly two full years, I’m stunned the Hogs offense is so anemic. And, I’m really blown away that our defense, under Chavis, appears so blooming awful.

Now, it appears that our recruiting class is about to implode, along with the coaching staff.

It’s just so hard to believe that we’re where we are.

I’m glad our first b-ball game is at the cusp.

I’m afraid we’re looking at some bad Razorback football for at least another 2-3 years. Perhaps not as bad as the last 3 years, but pretty bad.

What is making you say that? You mean if we fire him now or?


All our 4* recruits have decommited. The 3 stars will probably stay since they likely to be part of the rebuild.

We still have a few 4* players

Per 24/7 down to two four stars - Darin Turner and Morris.

Our lines on both sides of the ball have been pushed around for two years.

Exactly right NEA,no matter whos here we are so young and inexperienced it will take minimum of 2 yrs before we can feel like we actually have a shot to be consistently competitive.