I am sure it has been discussed, but targeting no call

on the pass play that was reviewed (Thompson?) and ruled not a first down.

Was there any doubt it was targeting? How could it not be called at least in the review process?

I didn’t really think the ball spot decision was so outlandish, but not to call targeting???

I never saw it. I’ll need to go back and watch it, but nothing struck me as targetting.

Now, with thst being said, I often miss the forest because of the trees.

The most obvious non-targeting was when KJ ran down the right sideline, was called a 1st down, reviewed and then accurately placed about a yard short.

But the Bama defender, led with the crown of his helmet, right into KJ’s ear-hole. helmet to helmet, leading with crown, every possible definition of targeting that I know of. I really thought Danielson would at least say 'oh wow, they could have called t hat". but nothing. crickets.

is that the play you mean?


ALWAYS a doubt on TARGETING…not consistently called is the problem.


That must be the one. The one I am thinking of was reviewed for a spot, ruled it not a first down. I thought it was a pass play. Could be wrong. I saw one of our coaches on the sideline calling for a targeting call.

No, those are 2 different occasions. The one you are talking about was on a receiver. It was more egregious because it was not on the original tackler, but a 2nd defender who hit our receiver a split second after the tackle, as he was starting to go down. I believe it was Thompson, but not certain.

It called when Bama is the team delivering the blow. That’s the problem.

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