I am so thankful ...

I refrained from posting in the 4th, like I almost did.

After looking around the SEC this afternoon, I am very happy to be 1-0, but I am very concerned about our upcoming season. The defense looks about like last year. Not great … not even good. I do think the D-line is fine and the LBers are improved. But The secondary is still pretty weak which will cause problems with TCU, A&M, etc.

The O-Line has a lot of work to do. And AA looks like great at times, and not so great at others.

So, I took the bait … hoped for a 8-9 win season. I don’t believe that now. I am thinking 6-6. 3 OOC wins and wins over State, Mizzou and Fla. A win on the road over Auburn would be a nice surprise and push us to 7.

This is not my prediction, just my expectations. Anything more and I will be doing a dance. I just have to dial it back after watching this team today. Any thoughts?

I’m going to reserve judgement on this team until after the next game.

There are lots of improvement to be made, but it was the first action for many on the offense.

Any win is a good win.