I am so sick of everything LSU

Do the stars just align for them this time of year?

I know they were already hammering Florida last night, but there was no way that game should have continued in the fog as long as it did. They got the last two runs to reach the 10 run lead on a short popup that no one could see.

At least they will have to come out and maybe burn some more pitching

I just hope Florida can scratch out a run to make them play the full nine. But Florida looks like they have mailed this in.

Having said all that, I would like to absolutely crush the Tiggers.

I want the Tigers. It is our time to get that monkey (or possum) off our back.

We are ready. And we are good.

LSU has used a lot of pitching.

We are due.

They rub me the wrong way, too

Amen to all the “hate LSU” sentiments. I’d hoped they’d lose their first game & sweat out NCAA selection—and then be disappointed and left at home. Since it looks like we’re going to get them, I hope we beat the crap out of them.

The only thing that worries me about this whole thing is we’ll burn pitching if we play tomorrow. Of course, if we play tomorrow, I’d rather win it than lose. The fatigue is the same, but at least we’d have the title.

And, yeah, it stinks that the stands will be full of corndogs.

The LSU fans have made the SEC Tournament their travel destination, just like Kentucky fans have done at the basketball tournament. It makes for a great home advantage. Kentucky probably shouldn’t have won the basketball tournament this year, but it’s a great equalizer when 95 percent of the crowd is on your side.

Like we once did in Dallas

Shame baseball can’t be moved around to memphis

That nearly happened several years back, but the city of Hoover made a lot of investments in the ballpark to keep the tournament and I think it is going to stay there longterm.

There are a lot of great minor league ballparks across the South that would make for a great host for the SEC Tournament. I think of ones in Frisco, Memphis, Pensacola and even Charlotte, which has a strong SEC presence even though there are no SEC teams in the state.

I’d like to see the SEC football championship game moved around to domed stadiums within the conference footprint, too, like Dallas, Houston and New Orleans. That game is never moving from Atlanta, though.

LSU doesn’t beat us most of the time we end up beating ourselves. If we make routine plays we win two of the three games this year and we sure as heck would have won the game last yr when Biggers overthrew the first baseman on the last out of the game

Today that changes!

Oh I would love just run rule them!