I am so sad

That Kentucky lost tonite to a completely average Kansas team. Actually, I’m not sad. I’m pretty sure Arkansas could beat either one of them. Don’t be surprised if we win in Lexington this year. We’ve got the better team.

:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:, if we do that will be great

A really good time to be playing them on the road with limited fans… maybe not, if A/M can get 60% fans in for football, I’m sure Kentuck will too. They play great defense and rebounding is strong, but the outside shooting is terrible by their standards. Time to beat them in front of that “limited” crowd watching.

There’s a lot of basketball between now and then that could change your mind, but KY is struggling because they’ve had a difficult schedule and are trying to learn at the same time. Sarr also appears to be the only thing they have going for them. The rest of their team is made up of a bunch of Moses Moody’s at this stage. If we expect him to adjust, I’d expect those young talents to do so as well. One thing is certain, KY will have faced much tougher competition by the time we meet them. Cal gets them playing better as the season goes along. Muss is capable of the same. Maybe our veteran’s will be the tiebreaker.

I’m pretty sure A$M did not have a crowd of over 60Kfor football this year. It just sounded like that LOL!

Kentucky is limiting to 15% of capacity at Rupp, or 3,075, meaning we’ll have more fans night in and night out than they do.


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