I am so proud of Dorian Gerald

Dorian(#23) got to play a good bit in the third and fourth quarters yesterday and I thought he did very well. Was pressuring the quarterback several times.

He was an absolute beast until he got injured about 3 years ago and to go through what he’s gone through and to still see him want to play football this year is absolutely amazing…

I am so proud of him for getting into the rotation this year and that tells me about his character and his ambition to always want to be doing his best.

Way to go Dorian keep it up!!


As I mentioned on here several times I had a chance to visit with Dorian several years ago at my great nephews burger joint in Fayetteville. We talked for a good while and he was very polite and well spoken. Yes sir, no sir all the way he looks you in the eye and seemed to enjoy visiting with old folk. Go Dorian and thanks Billy for posting this. I was thrilled to see him play so much.


Not many would continue to play a sport that had been so brutal to their body. The guy has a lot of heart and I’m sure he will do well in anything he persues. I noticed him yesterday. Was good to see him get significant PT.


He’s been through a lot for sure. Injuries and the CM error.

CM error? What is that?

Chad Morris.

Chad Morris era. Auto correct got me.

CM era…CM error…pretty much the same thing… :wink:


Glad to see him on the field to. I didn’t notice if the announcers mentioned much about his plight the last few years. But I don’t pay much attention to the ESPN announcers either.

Hope to see more of Dorian & really want to see him get a QB sack.


He is easy to pull for without a doubt.


Would be good for him to get sack and see his teammates respond to that in positive way which I am sure they would.

I saw Limmer playing some center with the second line Saturday.

Indeed, and CSP had mentioned that he would likely play that position in the future.

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He was very close Saturday if it hadn’t been for such a mobile quarterback he probably would have got one

Yeah I would expect him to get a look there although they really like kutas a lot so it would be interesting to see how that works out

Well for CM, yes!! :crazy_face:

SP is following the Frank Ragnow plan with Limmer.

Dorian had Arkansas’ No. 8 defensive grade (69.1) in his 19 snaps, per PFF. That grade is his best of the season.

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That’s how I noticed him he flashed two or three times and I said hey that’s Dorian!!

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