I am so nervous

I started being nervous the moment I saw “Texas Tech” as our potential 2nd round opponent. And I still am.

There is so much at stake today. To finally get back to the Sweet 16 after all these years would be such a huge boost to the program. And muzzle the doubters.

That said, this is gonna be a tough game. We won’t be the only team out there today willing to sacrifice our bodies to take a charge. Or develop floor burns going after loose balls. We aren’t going to “outgut” a Beard-coached team.

We will simply have to outplay them. We will need to avoid scoring droughts. It would sure be nice if Moody and JD can light it up from 3 in the same game. Moses, its time for you to go off. This would also be a great time for Desi to reemerge as a positive offensive contributor. Even for just 8-10. Tate and Smith need to play well too…obviously. They both need to stay out of foul trouble. Tate is gonna have to avoid those 2 early fouls he is prone to pick up.

Have I covered just about everything?! I am clearly nervous.

Goooooooooooooo Hogs!

CV I think needs to be aggressive getting rebounds and blocks. Make them uncomfortable in the paint with there shots.

I would love nothing more than for Connor to return to form. That would be huge. But…I suspect he won’t get double digit minutes again today. He certainly won’t unless he’s productive early. We know how Muss handles Connor against smaller, athletic teams. He let’s him cheer.

True, starting those first 3 to 4 mins then pulled. He just might be a factor being a tree in the paint, but that really wasn’t the case with last game.

This may be a game where CEM makes dramatic adjustments to keep TT off balance through out the game.
It’s good to be nervous. Especially since I’m years past it’s selection Sunday and we normally get put in the NIT. The hogs have earned the chance to dance. Sweet 16 is what this game is all about. Our hogs will win!


What is Connor’s success rate in winning the opening tip? If he could just do that consistently it would be a plus, no?

Muss has stated that he plans to play bigger today so one should expect more minutes from the combo of Jaylin Williams and Connor Vanover…

I have no doubt Jaylin will play quite a bit. I have my doubts about Connor. Though if he can get off to a positive start he can be a huge help. I know Texas Tech and North Texas are two different teams…but looking back at the box score? Connor was a monster that game. It would be nice to have that back…

I am just grateful to not be playing North Carolina in the second round. Those 5 v 8 games are brutal.

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Especially when the refs are part of the #5 squad.

Watching Baylor, we have to team to give them a run for their money.

But we have to get there first.

Just reporting what the head coach had to say. Not offering up my own opinion.

Oh I am not questioning you Dudley. Never would. I just suspect Jaylin will get most of the minutes at the #5. But–and here is me hoping–maybe Connor will play like Connor of the midseason and get alot of minutes and be a difference maker. Nothing would make me happier.

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