I am so impressed with Chad Morris

…and the level of wisdom he exudes in his public speaking.

Naturally, like most Hog fans, I don’t know Coach Morris. I have watched his Clemson offenses quite alot living here in Charleston. He’s a great offensive mind, and we shall see how his style works for our Hogs.

But some of the things he has said, or the things he is demanding of his players has me really excited.

I love some of his statements. Such as “Coaching football is what I do. Its not who I am. I am a father, a husband, and a son. Thats who I am.” Also, “winning is a byproduct of doing the right things for the right reasons, and stacking good days on top of good days.”
He talks of changing lives, and that if you change lives, you will win. You get the impression that he wants to win, but changing lives is far more important to him (and it should be of course).

I also love “it’s a belief that drives a behavior that produces a result.” He also has had his players read “Chop Wood, Carry Water”, which is a great little book that extols the virtue and the need to live in the present, to “water your own garden” …to work hard every day focusing on the journey (or the “process” to move into “Saint Saban”-land). (The book is really Zen for the pop culture…but its a good little read. I am having my students read it this fall…thanks Coach Morris for that suggestion!)

From a religious standpoint, Morris definitely seems to be a spiritual person. Enlightened even. Or, in humanistic parlance, “self-actualized” as defined by Maslow.

In any case, I am really impressed. He has to win. I understand that. But, like Bielema, and perhaps even moreso, its clear Morris is a good person who will indeed impact lives and “do us proud” as a person. That’s very important to me. And I hope its is with many other fans as well.

Very important; however, Brett was (is) pretty much that way and you see what it got him. Got to do both, win and be good. I too like what I hear so far.

Still very much in the Show Me phase right now.

I am very impressed with Morris for the same reasons as you. A great leader of men is a prerequisite for me. At the salary he makes winning has to be the result of his philosophy a well. He knows he needs better players, who doesn’t. Jimmys and Joe’s not X’s and O’s and so on.

I think the significant difference with Morris (versus Bielema) is that he still has something to prove to himself. In my opinion Brett did not, big ten championships already, rose bowls, ESPN favorite etc.

Morris wants to prove that he Can bring our Hogs back to where they are truly a heavyweight contender in the best conference.

Interesting point. BB had done it at the Power 5 level. Morris hasn’t, at least not as a head coach. He obviously has his experience with Dabo to draw upon, but not as the boss.

I initially liked Bielema’s approach with the Uncommon theme. But, it seemed he started to allow the players too much rope to be grown men. These are not grown men, mentally. And, as most youngsters, they took advantage of it and slacked off.

It appears Coach Morris is going to keep these boys focused. I like that.


This thread resonates with me

Whoever was on the search committee got the best fit possible

If Coach Morris can’t pull off winning constantly at Arkansas I’ll have to painfully accept that Arkansas is now equal to Mizzou and only avreginal player

But that’s not what so hope for Arkansas

I hope Coach Morris can make Arkansas revelant in SEC play and national play