I Am So Happy for

Sam and the players. I am so wired now, I don’t think I will get to sleep at all tonight. Just think, the last two years MSU just whipped the Hogs and rubbed their face in it. I don’t think that sort of thing is going to happen to one of Sam’s teams. They will lose and will get beat physically, but it is going to have to happen. A team takes on the personality of their coach. Man, what grit and desire certainly on the defensive side of the ball. I think the offense has it as well, but it just takes more to get it right (and to quit those bonehead mistakes!!)

Does a coach make a difference?


Yes. It tilts the field to favor the team with the best staff.
It is glorious to see so many happy Hog fans.
I loved the video clip in the locker room with the giant of a man named Dalton Wagner. He is one mammoth human.

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It would seem so. HECK YEAH!!

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