I am so glad that we got

Sam Pittman instead of Mike Norvell because of recent events. Sam wanted the job Mike didn’t!

Things seem to be much better than last time around.

They sure couldn’t have been much worse!

I don’t think it’s as good as is being let on.

I am happy with Sam, but in a 24 hour news cycle, I wonder how lasting Norvell’s blunder will be.

He sure didn’t exactly make a good impression with his players on this. They’re the ones who count, not the public who will be involved in other things in 24 news cycle.

And it appears that was a large part of the problem with Morris. He did not have the support of the legacy players.


Did you notice this morning in Democrat:Gazette they had a picture of Jay Norvell not Mike on the front page of Sports. Guess Wally missed that.

Now they say everything is fine between Fl St players and Coach. But is it really?

Just like we heard it was fine between Morris and players!

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