I am so disappointed...

We can still win this. We may well do so. We have We have Murphy and we have proven the ability to throw a ton of relievers and win a game. We have an offense that has been tested against the best.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed and more than a little dejected today. I had visions of Omaha dancing in my head. Now they ain’t dancing quite as lively.


I’m pretty bummed myself. We have a tough road ahead of us. 3 games in two days just doesn’t seem possible with the pitching staff we have available. I hope I am wrong.

If we can’t beat ORU’s pitcher today, we really shouldn’t be going on to the Super’s anyway though. I don’t care if he is their Friday starter.

I know Mizzo State is a good team, but we gave that game away last night and that makes it even worse.

I’m dejected too. However, I’m a realist. For some reason, Arkansas in the major sports (football, basketball and baseball) can’t produce when they need it the most. There was a article in the Dem Gaz that stated that we have played for 13 championships in those sports and have won 1. If anybody has an opinion on our problem please chime in. Sorry to say, I don’t expect us to advance. :frowning: