I am sick to death

Of all the so-called “fans” clamoring for Coach A’s demise, and actually trying to sabotage his recruiting on message boards. You people won’t know what you have until he is gone. He is a bridge back to what we used to be. He left a very good job to come “home”. He does not cheat. His players aren’t all over police blotters. It’s tough to recruit these millenial primadonnas, and its even harder to keep them when their feelings get hurt. He wanted this job, and I guarantee he knows that he’s got to do better going forward. The stupidest thing that could happen now is firing him. Mark Few and Bill Self ain’t coming here. And do you want to sell your souls for the next Will Wade? I don’t. I know Mike Anderson very well. I have a 1994 National Championship ring, because I was on that staff. He knows what needs to be done, and there is not a single person the university could hire that wants to win big again more than Mike Anderson. Period.

Amen brother. Amen.

I am an Arkansas fan. Anyone who would attack players directly on social media or try to influence recruits is just being Redneck dumbass. I can’t see why anyone would do that! I’ve been critical of Mike but I wanted Arkansas to succeed. I don’t care who the coach is. It’s maddening that people would steer recruits away. Mike is a great man, I met him at Christian sports camp In Missouri were I worked, his daughter also worked there. But there is valid criticism to be had here…roster management being a HUGE one. We had real talent last year and laid an egg in Dance. Our best effort was two years ago, when the refs stole it. He is a good coach but he hasn’t really done what most hoped he would here. I wasn’t expecting the 90s but I did expect his performance at UAB and Mizzou. We look to be rebuilding again next year, hoping to sign jucos to make it work.

I wouldn’t call getting back Isaiah Joe, Desi Sills, Jaylen Harris, KES, Justice Hill, Mason Jones and out forwards rebuilding. I’d call it a piece or two away from having a really strong basketball team.

Good post and your right!
There’s talent we just need a few more players!

Great post, couldn’t have said it better myself.