I Am Sick of This!

I can’t take any more of this from the Arkansas coaches or the Arkansas media! DO YOUR JOBS!

Coaches, quit telling us you’re going to hold people accountable! Quit telling you are going back to work and get this mess fixed! Quit telling us the players care!

It’s pretty clear they are not playing well. DO YOUR JOB! How many interceptions does it take before one of you on the sidelines can come up with a different idea? Apparently 3 is not enough! After the fourth one that player should have been escorted from the field! Putting him in to throw a fifth one is the definition of insanity. Keep doing the same thing expecting a different result! Play a different quarterback! Anybody who could complete a pass to a player on the red team would be better than giving the game away.

And how can we not get one yard on a team like San Jose State? How can they stop us twice on 4th down? Can we not block? Then get someone who can! This is disgusting!

Coaches, let’s hold someone accountable! Fire whoever put Starkle in the game for the 5th interception. That is holding them accountable, not just saying the words to a media that doesn’t ask hard questions! Fire the offensive line coach that can’t get a one yard push. Fire the coordinator that can’t do better than a quarterback sneak everyone in America could see coming. HOLD SOMEONE ACCOUNTABLE FOR REAL!

Get a defensive coordinator that doesn’t make these last two teams look like they have All-Americans at quarterback! Get some coaches who can get these guys to play defense like their lives depend on it!

MEDIA, DO YOUR JOBS! If they say they hold people accountable, Ask How! If a guy throws five interceptions, ask why he was still in the game? If we can’t make one yard, ask why we ran a quarterback sneak! Why didn’t we fake the sneak and throw to someone or get someone in to run the wildcat around the end?

What will it take to get really serious? I’m not apologizing for this. It needs to be said! This season is now worse than last year. Yes, there is a lot of football left to be played and it looks like it will every bad football!

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Variations of those questions have been asked in the last three days. You might not like the answers, but the questions were asked.

I should say variations of all the questions except for the Wildcat. I doubt that reappears much, if at all, after the way it looked against Ole Miss. Arkansas did get creative on its third fourth down attempt the other night, faking one way then tossing to Whaley for a good gain on the left side.

WOW! Fire everyone after the game? That would make things better. I suggest that coach let it be known to his staff, if there are no signs of improvement this season, they will be let go. Everyone’s job is on the line. But not until the end of the season.

All of those questions were asked.

I know the big thing today is blame the media, but blaming the media for the football team losing 23 of the last 31 is like me blaming you when the internet goes down.

The media is not spreading “fake news”. The results are real. This seems like a never ending nightmare. Hope we play better.

When we tried that QB sneak on 4th down, I literally yelled at the TV, that he doesn’t have enough “leg strength” to do that, and I saw that from the little run he had earlier in the game…

Seriously? Did you ask the question? The question I heard was “Hey Chad, what was going through your mind when Nick was struggling? Did you ever think about replacing him? I would hate to face you guys in court. Those are softballs, And the question asking him to explain what being held accountable means, that didn’t come until Monday, after I posted. And even then no one pressed that halfway answer he gave. “I think . . . it means being able as a coach to get your players to play at a very high level.” That is a non-answer! It was pure nonsense. I’m sorry, I’m frustrated, in my world as a trial attorney, I don’t let people off the hook with those kinds of answers. If you say someone is going to be held accountable, that means something. I get it, you guys have to work with the coaches, but I guess the best we can expect is somewhere down the road after the Morris era ends, we will get a bunch of articles about how you fellows in the media saw these problems from the inside, but you only tell us 5 years later.

Willis, you are not going to get an answer. Most media feel the same way that most of us do… They just can’t show it. . Your feelings are like a lot of fans, but there is not a hell’ve lot that we can do, But bitch…

I have mentioned it on the radio and thought I had mentioned it here.

But if not, I’ll do it right now.

It was a pathetic and embarrassing outing. Mind-boggling. There are no excuses for it - from Coach Morris on down the line.

I am neither sold or out on Morris as I have said several times.

I do not think he should be fired after year two, but if it keeps the way it is going, he should have to make major staff changes.

I don’t think it is fair to the current coach and I think it would reduced the quality of the next coach that would be hired because he would have no security and this is not seen as a destination job.

I get the argument that it might hurt the pool of available coaches, but it wouldn’t be fair? Really?

They have a contract that stipulates what his buyout would be if Morris were to be dismissed for convenience. Should Arkansas decide to exercise that option how is it unfair as long as they meet their contractual obligations?

It’s no different than if Morris decides to dismiss Craddock or Chavis. As long as they receive their contractual buyouts I don’t understand what would be unfair about relieving them of their duties. Do you think Morris dismissing them would be unfair given you say a 2-10 season would warrant major staff changes?

Jackson, I didn’t read Dudley’s comment as meaning contractually fair. I read it as, given the circumstances, 2 years was not adequate time for CM to prove whether or not he could be successful here.

As for fairness (again, NOT contractually) to the assistant coaches and coordinators, it’s on CM to assess each one individually to determine which have had a fair duration of time to succeed.

Understood on Morris and assistants… and while two years is not be enough time to rebuild a program, it’s up to Hunter Y to determine if enough progress has been made to warrant Morris continuing in to year three in his attempt to do so. Agreed?

If they go winless in league play - hope not but expect it - is Hunter being unfair if he concludes it’s not sufficient progress and drastic action is needed?

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Absolutely; that’s HY’s job.

That’s my point - if it’s okay for CM to make major staff changes and the assistants have all been here as long as him (except for Ingram) then I don’t understand why it would be unfair if Hunter decides a staff change at the top is warranted.

I think the unfair part is an opinion… it is HY’s job as it is CCM’s. I don’t think 2 years is enough to judge success based on the status of the program and 3 years is/was usually the benchmark.

But, as in the rest of life, fair isn’t always part of the equation.

I simply do not have sufficient expertise or knowledge to say whether only 2 years would be fair or not for CM. But then again, my opinion is irrelevant. If HY chooses to fire CM at the conclusion of this season, I fully support his right to make that call. If he chooses to give CM more time, I’m equally good with that call as well.

On an aside, I do hope that HY simply holds CM accountable for Program performance … and NOT direct CM as to what changes need to be made.

We’re on the same page… thanks for the discussion

If I don’t do a good job, I would expect to be grilled about my performance. If I didn’t improve my performance, I would expect to be fired. That is how business works.

So far, Morris and staff have done a good job recruiting, a poor job with scheme and play calling, and a poor job of getting the team ready to play. If Morris does not improve in these areas, he should expect to be fired.

I hope that Morris will be able to correct the team’s flaws. Better players will take another 2 or 3 years before they can help. Scheme, play calling ( both offense and defense), and getting a team ready to play can be fixed now. Morris needs to make major improvements quickly or he may not get more time to recruit.