I am really puzzled by...

… the fact that the name Issac McBride never seems to be on the Hogs radar (Class of 2019). I know he is playing AAU in Memphis, but he is a Little Rock kid and one of the top players in the State. I also know 6’-0" to 6’-1" guards can be common… but there are others that size getting mentioned as prospects and McBride seems to be ignored (from what I can gather). He gets great elevation on his jumpers, and shoots lights out from 3 using that elevation (never shoots a feet on the floor “set shot”). To me that should give him a strong edge over similar sized guards that shoot from the floor. He also has excellent handles and gets to the rim and FT line & knocks them down. He has also expressed a strong public desire to receive an offer from the Hogs and is a great kid that won’t have any issues qualifying academically.

Thoughts anyone?

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2017 … r-july–1/

Just a guess (only a guess), but until Perry decommitted there wasn’t room for Hill. 0 scholarships for 2019. I’m not sure CMA (or CBB in football) want to give the local kids non-committable offers. May irritate some of the HS coaches.

I’ve seen him and don’t understand why he doesn’t get more attention.

As stated in an earlier thread, he’s every bit as good as Justice Hill (and that is not a knock on Justice). He’s bigger and stronger than Justice although maybe not as skilled YET.

You are 100% right that McBride is as good as Justice. I have seen both play multiple games. But having just one scholarship available for 2019 right now, they cannot take both Justice and McBride. And you can pretty much guess why they would favor Justice right now.

It is generally not wise to stack players from the same class at the same position. That may happen at some point because they just may not be able to pass on McBride. I’ve heard others mention that he’s a top player. The situation in the state now is that there seem to be a lot of good players developing at a fast rate. It’s a good problem to have for Mike Anderson and his staff.

And there is no mention in either this story or this thread of Jalen HArris who, in my opinion is likely to sew up the PG position for three years, no matter whether Hill or Mc’Bride becomes the “other” pg This is not to denigrate either one, but rather to call attention to the remarkable skills of Harris.

I agree, I’m very high on Jalen Harris, and he’s probably our starting PG for 3 years. Also, I was glad to see he’s on campus working out with the team, they posted a video of Trey Thompson talking about his senior season and Harris was in a couple of those shots.

Another reason you cannot take both Hill and McBride.

I really like Hill’s game/vision and he and his family are the lynchpin of that group (I know Perry may make some people feel differently about that, but still).

But I’ve had people who’ve seen them both play way, way more than I have tell me they prefer McBride. Both are very good prospects, but I thought that was interesting. Good dilemma to have.

I suspect how Harris performs in practice this year will give them a good gauge of what to expect and how they want to proceed.

Arkansas is aware of McBride. You can never predict future plans.

Isaac is the best prospect at Baptist Prep.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets an offer down the line, but the numbers just aren’t there yet.