I am really disappointed that Bama and A&M got exposed early ------

----- before we got to do it to them. Now they will have several weeks to tighten up and focus on our game more. Sam should have no trouble making sure our guys don’t overlook the Petrinos with those two “examples” to point to.

BYU is looking like it will be tough to go there and get a win in the middle of the conference schedule. They will be super focused on us, especially if we are undefeated. THAT would be a nice problem to have, but we need to not get ahead of ourselves.

I’m a 1 or 0 guy. Alabama won, and on the road, that’s what really matters. However, their miniscule 117 rushing yards must have caused Saban to shudder.

Somewhat similarly A&M struggled to attain 97 passing yards at home, while the prior week UNC threw for 352 at App State? Still, the Aggies lost. And, now they have to contend against Miami…more great film for our guys.

Well they do play Notre Dame in Vegas the week before us.

I am NOT disappointed that the gaggies got exposed early.

I want them to suck early and often, late and in the middle. I want them to suck on a train and in the rain, in a box and with a fox, here there and everywhere. in every sport.



It is hard to have any respect for a team who has all male “cheerleaders” and their favorite pose is to stand tippy-toe on one foot with their heal up on the other and hold their hands together with their little pointy fingers extended looking back over their shoulder. :joy:


College Station, Texas. Where men are men and sheep are nervous!


Nervous? Not App-Baa-Lachian State :smile:.


Maybe Fisher should pay the $1.5 million out of his own pocket!!

Typically, A&M isn’t exposed until later in the season and UA never benefits from it. Typically, there is nothing to expose about Bama!

Give props to Gary Patterson, UT DC. Major props. I anticipate Saban having the glitches worked out, but at least there is a path to neutralizing the Bama offense.

The only team to worry about is the Hogs. Healthy players and the rest will take care of itself. After two hard fought games against good teams we are already banged up. The first 8 games is a long slog, and a couple of those teams will require all hands on deck.


They have a wake up call and we will see if those two teams are up to the task. I think as a Razorback fan we know we are close but still need quality depth in many areas and that takes time. It’s unbelievable as to where we were to where we are presently, CSP and his staff and our last two seasons of seniors who came back for the extra year changed the trajectory of the Razorbacks football program. Congratulations to these coaches & players for completing the turnaround in such a short time & thank you! WPS

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Tide wins a game in Austin and their EXPOSED? Let’s see how they react after a week with PO’d Saban before burying them. :sunglasses:

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yup, they won’t be looking ahead to the Hogs, even if ND maintains it’s downward spiral.

I’m not sure Bama was exposed, either. They’re 2-0, with a road win versus a P5 (not named Vandy).

I’m not inclined to think Bama was “exposed,” either. They might not be as dominant as they have been, but that was still Texas. You can bet it has good athletes at every position. Bama has been scared before & ended up as NC.

I was at the game and do not think Bama was “Exposed” . The horns were running off the energy that was in the Stadium. It was a great college atmosphere. We have to remember that every single college game is a entity to itself and sometimes one game does not a season make. I do think it was more that Bama is “Not Quite” the absolute force of nature it has been that last several years but still a VERY good college team and UT finally tapping some of the talent they have. I still expect Bama to have a very good year and will be surprised if they lose two games during the regular season.

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