I am puzzled why the normally accurate throwing KJ wasn't yesterday --------

---------- on many but not all passes. (I apologize if this has already been beat to death. After a tough loss, I just can’t stomach to read all of the whining, moaning, and blaming that goes on by many who never come on the board until there is something to moan about.) Because the game before went into overtime, I switched to the Skytrack (this is the camera on the cables that flies around and over the field) option on ESPN+ and watched the first couple of series viewing from behind and slightly above the offenses. There were no commercials and you could see exactly what KJ was seeing as the play developed. KJ got away with two really bad early decisions when he threw into tight coverage and defenders should have intercepted. All of the game, our wide open receivers lost lots of “after catch” yards because they were falling down trying to catch the poorly thrown passes. All of KJ’s passes weren’t off the mark but it seemed like the majority were, much more than in this year’s previous games. Is he hurt or was the moment just too much for him and he tightened up?


He’s not an accurate quarterback. I’ve been saying this. Forget the percentages. He does not put balls where the receivers need it.

While I agree with you that they aren’t where they are supposed to be, many of those passes, the receivers touch. My old coach would tell us, if you can touch it, you can catch it. If we touched it, and didn’t catch it, guess what happened.

Our wide receivers have lost tons of yac all 4 games this year, due to inaccurate passes. Having to go to the ground or reach behind themselves or other gyrations, in order to catch the ball.

At the same time, kj throws a really nice deep ball. Very odd, but right now our offense is just out of sync. With our O line, running qb, stable of good backs, solid TE and receivers, it’s really hard to explain our offenses inconsistencies.

Our sum is less then the parts, through 4 games.

And the schedule is suddenly MUCH tougher, we better get this figured out, or our record is going to be bielema-like.


Which is why everyone is worried

What totally blows me away is his reluctance to drop the ball off to elite players like Rocket and AJ in the flats. He had them open every time last night he could have got them the ball and they could have done damage and at the same time that stretches the defense wider. They then have to be prepared for that play which in turn leaves the middle of the field much more wide open… I know in the Cincinnati game we did that the rocket and he ran for about 30 yards and talking in the post game interview he said yeah I just dumped it off to him they’re always on me about doing that so I know they’re telling him about them. Last night Briles I should have demanded that he drop the ball off to them.

I have heard Sam say KJ is going to be KJ which tells me they’re just letting him do whatever he wants to do and although he’s a very good player he makes a lot of mistakes still because he’s still a Young quarterback


The announcer (sorry the play by play guy, not Tessatore), kept saying to do that as well.

My other issue, don’t know if you saw my question in the other thread, but seems like anytime we try a trickeration play, the opposing defense plays it perfectly, are we telegraphing something to indicate what we are planning? I know you can probably see those things better than us.

Well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out when Hornsby comes in the game he’s likely to get the ball. He never comes in the game unless the ball doesn’t go to him…We are tipping that off every time and that was one of my concerns about using him. I said we are going to have to have him out there quite a bit as not to tip off him getting the ball…


I’ve always thought Jefferson’s percentage is padded by a lot of short passes — screens, pushes, shovels, etc. He is iffy on down-the-field throws.


Ding, Ding, Ding Youda!!! I agree with you. Hornsby is only coming in for the trick plays, so everyone knows he’s going to get the ball. Even with all that mess we still should have won the game.


Yesterday he was not accurate on many of his passes. Agree.

When he comes in, he is coming to handle/run the ball in some way. Which is why I say the first time he comes in and throws a deep pass (with the defense sucked in close to stop his run), he will throw a touchdown. Just do it!

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Indoor field has no crown; all outdoor fields have a crown. That throws off the angles for throws just slightly. Leaves you throwing downhill when throwing to the sideline from the middle or weakside hash.

Small issue but enough to mess with things.

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Somebody show me the breakdown on the numbers and I’ll believe he’s not accurate.

Until then, I’ll say he’s more than average accurate and as accurate as I have seen on the deep ball.

I didn’t say he was inaccurate. I said his accuracy stats are padded by short passes and he is iffy downfield. The stats back that up. Here is his PFF breakdown through four games:

Behind LOS: 19 of 19

Short (within 9 yards): 28 of 36

Medium (10 to 19 yards): 13 of 28

Deep (20-plus yards): 7 of 12

Is that “iffy” on a power 5 basis?

Before the game, Tebow stated that KJ’s 58% completion average on 20+ yard passes over the last two years is the best in college football.

Once in a while people are off their A game college, pros even In normal life because nobody works like a robot

He throws a beautiful deep ball.

So at the moment KJ is:

# 15 in passer rating (RTG) nationally #2 in the SEC behind Hendon Hooker…and ahead of Young and Rogers
# 25 in Completion % nationally #5 in the SEC
# 13 in avg yds/completion #3 in the SEC behind Bennett and Hooker

I’ll take the above for a QB at Arkansas any day of the week and this isn’t even counting his game changing running ability.

IF - and that’s a big IF statistically speaking - and to be fair, he hasn’t had to throw as much as some and maybe under pressure he hasn’t had as much chance to get into a rhythm that QBs that throw more.

I expected more throwing against TAM given the protection he was getting but hard to argue with the run.