I am probably in the minority, but I do not like the

camera shot from the ump as a live action shot. I think it is great on a replay of certain plays, but just to watch the game from that angle, it makes me a little sick to my stomach!

Some probably love it.

I do like to see what the batter is seeing as the pitch comes in.

I like that too, I just like it as a replay where they just show that (or something else important). When they show it live, all the movement makes me almost sick (I think I am showing my age?) LOL

I get what you’re saying, but I do love that vantage point. It was great on Bonfield’s home run and on a batter’s interference call in the Texas Tech-Florida game.

I wonder when the technology will be available to help the ump make correct pitch calls?

I love that angle. When I played eons ago, I played catcher, so to me that angle is the best way to see the whole field. Of course, I wasn’t receiving guys that throw 90 mph, either, but it brings back memories viewing the game from that angle.