I am optimistic for our Hogs!


Yes, Wednesday night was a tough loss. But we get a second chance on Thursday! How many times in other sports we didn’t get that second chance to make amends?

Our bats have been frozen. I personally think our hitters will show up pissed off like hell at Thursday’s final game anxious to start hitting the cover off the ball. Plus, I would like to think OSU is out of pitching.

As long as our players don’t dwell on the past and show up with grit and determination to take the title they deserve, we shall win.


Bats come alive and Campbell gives us 6 innings. Nothing comes easy for the Hogs. Makes winning taste sweeter!

I so hope you’re right. I’m not optimistic, but nothing would thrill me more than to come back & say I was wrong.

I hope the team isn’t too dispirited. They’ve got a tough job to do after a bitter loss.

got our work cut out to hit that freshman they brought in late he has the dreaded changeup which has kicked our butt before remember Morris from SC. I guess we can always hope he hangs one at the exact same time we actually are wanting to swing the bat.