I am not on the BOT

nor am I Long. I do not know what will happen in terms of the last 3 games. I do make a couple of observations or raise some questions. We had a couple of bad breaks yesterday: penalties, disqualification, backward pass, punter mess up, inches from a touchdown on an interception. We have had several injuries to key players including 2 running backs, quarterback, wide receiver, defensive back and offensive lineman. I took a look at the 2 deep in Saturday’s paper. It showed 4 Sr. starts on defense and one reserve. That means 7 starters return and 10 back ups on defense. On Offensive, it show all 11 starters back with 4 reserves as Sr. Out of the top 44 players, we return 35 players. That is what I would call a young team. Now, before anyone reminds me that these starters are not playing well, I get it. Yet, they will be a year older, stronger, and more experienced. If a coaching change is made, how will it affect recruiting? Will we lose recruits that are committed now, add recruits with a new coach, will recruiting be better or worst? How well will we do hiring a coach when other schools like Florida, Tenn, Ole Miss, etc. are looking for coaches? Too what extent will ticket sells be hurt if we retain CBB? How many ticket do season ticket holders account for that are not going to give up their seats? Will the people in the big money seats give up their places? This is not a keep or fire the coach thread. Since there has been so much fire the coach on here that I thought I would raise a couple of observations and/or questions. Responses are welcome. I am a big old boy. Just make sure you state whether you are stating fact or opinion. Fact: I am 74 years old. Opinion: I am a good duck caller.


I think you raise the problem Long has here. This is a really young, inexperienced team. As coach said about Patton, yes a junior but that was just his 9th game. The entire offensive line returns. We lost our best rb,wr, cb before the season started. Then our qb and best ol are injured and lost. Add to this a kicker problem and you see the equation of young and injured does not equal a good team. However next year should be much better.

Long must see this however he has to balance some of the fan unrest and discontent shown.

Finally, takes money to make a change. Asking for money from rich donors give said donors power that has unintended consequences.

Fact: We are 5-11 against power 5 teams the last two seasons (and this season still has three power five teams on the schedule)
Opinion: A coach making $4 million/year and in his fifth year at Arkansas shouldn’t have a record below .500 against power 5 schools.

Enjoyed your post immensely! Seems we are in a quandary with CBB as some see it as cut and dried he has to go, but some see it as to many injuries, young & inexperienced and good recruits continue to stay onboard so it seems. Does he have to go or does changing coordinators get him another year ? Fact :I’m not as old as you, Opinion: I’m dedicated quail hunter. Once again enjoyed your post! WPS

I am a duck, dove, and pheasant hunter. I am a deer hunter who has never killed a deer. I have a place for my family to hunt with 4 stands and plenty of deer. I like to see the pictures from our deer cameras and watch deer when I am on a stand. If a big buck came by, I would have a big decision to make. I hunted quail in the 50s and 60s.

This is a valid point. Not sure it changes anyone’s opinion, but this is a fairly young football team. An old coaching saying goes something like this: You will lose one game for every underclassman you start. Whoever is coach, hopefully this young team will mature and become a cohesive team.

In my opinion…

In 1997 Frank had a similar situation with Danny Ford. After a SECW title in 95 we were into our second straight 4-7 year with a team that was very young. He fired Danny (fact) because (opinion) he was not showing even inconsistant improvement.

What we have here is depreciation from week to week.

I like Coach. I think he is a fine man. He is not getting the job done and has not for some time.

Every post in this thread has been thoughtful and raised good points. I have reluctantly come to the same opinion you have about CBB. I won’t be upset if he’s retained. Part of me will be glad. However, I’m afraid we might need fresh blood in the coaching staff to keep people happy.

And I do hate the idea that some wealthy donors might acquire more influence than they should. Some of them I don’t worry about. Those who played for Frank always deferred to him even when they gave big. (Lindsey & Jones, for example.) I’m not quite as confident that others might not want to call the shots.


Bottom line, Dude won’t recruit (not can’t). He makes the least visits and offers of all the coaches (opinion, but probably can be verified by someone with more time/computer skills than me).

Another fact: Next year’s QB is presently 2 wins for 4 games and has withstood two of the better DLs in the country in Bama and Auburn. The game will begin to slow down for him. He has performed fairly well, and he has spunk.

Lastly, and significantly IMO, CBB’s won/loss record has been significantly influenced by an Allen at QB. Other fine, heavily recruited QBs are on campus or are headed that way.

I also appreciated your post— I am exactly your age and a dedicated bow hunter

Not sure what you mean “of all the coaches.” If you’re talking about previous head coaches or current head coaches of other teams, then you may be right. IDK. But if you are talking about the coaches on the staff, you have to remember the head coach is limited in the number of times he can visit a recruit, and (Richard can correct me if I’m wrong) every offer has to have the stamp of approval of the head coach.

I have a feeling Long is weighing all of this. Don’t know anything and haven’t heard anything, other than a ton of complaints. Long is not going to be too concerned about empty seats at the stadium. What is going to get his attention is donors, long time donors and ticket buyers calling and writing, telling him and the BOT that they are not comfortable with what they see and will discontinue giving and buying for the foreseeable future. THAT gets his attention. Enough to pull the plug? Perhaps. Perhaps not quite yet. Timing is everything. So are relationships.
The Hogs have always been notoriously slow at taking to new offenses and defenses. That is why I wasn’t too excited about the change to the 3-4 this season. It always seems to take a season before we seem to “get it”.
So, is next year when all things come together for us? The unexpected loss of Denver Kirkland should have been made up. The unexpected loss of Rawleigh Williams III will be behind us with the unveiling of TJ Hammonds. Will Jared Cornelius be back? Does it matter with the emergence of the young WR corp? And as a previous poster alluded, we are young. On top of that many of the upperclassmen were underperforming to a degree.
Perhaps one more year is in order.
OR, has fan apathy set in too deep?

I’m glad I’m not the AD…

I believe that the decision will be based on these last three games. Win them all and Long has an out. Lose two or three and Coach B is done. Youth is no excuse for poor coaching and fundamentals and that is what is driving the fan base crazy. What really hit home for me was when former players talked about the poor fundamentals these players were using. Sloppy play means it is time for someone new and I’ve been a CBB supporter from the word go.

I would go 180 degrees regarding recruiting. I think CBB does a better job of identifying serviceable talent than did either Petrino or Nutt. His issue is getting them on the field. Turnover in the staff is not helpful, and we are not staffed with elite recruiters. We may have some fine technicians on the staff but something is still not clicking. I get that you might prefer juniors and seniors to be the ones on the field but I’d rather have seen young pups getting on-the-job experience during October. But, I also get the negative signal that sends - panic.

BOT meets this week. Long may not get to give CBB three more games.

There is a $160M albatross hanging around Long’s neck. His service to UA (at least “good” if not better than “good”) could get tarnished if the expansion is feared to be an “egg on face” rollout next fall. Long loves NWA. I think he’d like to retire from UA. The $160M pricetag has ended any extended honeymoon he might have been enjoying.

It is sad, but the performance of a bunch of 18-23 year olds has a big say in whether the expansion is paid for, or paid for easily.

I have an ongoing conversation with a couple of thoughtful hog fans - we cannot figure out what the issue is. I go back to really weak depth charts at several positions, enough that it can’t be hidden or overcome. Injuries do matter. Early departures to the NFL haven’t helped (but that should be a recruiting tool - and lead to able replacements, right?).

I don’t see CBB as football stupid, far from it. I don’t see his staff as incompetent, or the players totally out-classed most Saturdays. Lots of gears spinning but not meshing. Best analogy I can come up with.

I am not sure I have ever felt (at least since Hatfield) that a football coach has cared as much about character, academics, and the general welfare of players as does CBB. I find him an amazing man and role model. I want him to win, desperately, but think that the door is already pretty tightly shut on his return. At the least, he’ll leave on his own to a soft landing in broadcasting, or at one of the likely job openings (KState, Illinois, Iowa, USF - Jen’s happiness has to be a significant factor in this, and I am not dismissing a move closer to her home).

Good post, a lot of quality thought in it.

I think where things went wrong really goes back to when Chaney left, after Chaney and ultimately Pitman as well next year, the hires have been complete wiffs. None of them have had significant ties to recruiting in the south. That’s tough to over come, his original staff was pretty great, especially at recruiting. Then you add the new hires from the NFL, assistants to assistants, really no recruiting connections, that’s tough too.

If Bret could’ve held on to his original staff a little longer, there’s no telling where we would’ve been. I think the staff turnover and down grade in replacements hurt, and hurt big time.

Nice post