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People over 60 account for 25% of the USA’s population.
Over age 60 deaths from flu averages almost 50% of the deaths. Reason is that over 60 people usually have one of the top 4-5 medical illnesses that cause deaths, and the viral-immune system fighting their battle does great harm to already compromised individuals.

Just hope you don’t have diabetes, HBP, lung or heart disease, Alzheimer’s dementia, cerebral TIA or arterial insufficiency , renal or hepatic disease, bowel disease of various types, one of many auto-immune diseases, thyroid deficiency, current tumor of any kind and under treatment for, extreme obesity or a strong hereditary familial disease. Most people over 60 have 4-5 of the above processes going. Younger people have either none or just 1-2 of those early diseases and can cope better.

Our immune systems fights the incoming virus and the clash causes milky then thickened changes to lining of all organs in the body. The Corona virus loves the lower lungs moisture and stable alveolar O2 levels that sustain them. It works down from throat, to trachea to the bronchi and bronchiole system and ending in the tiny alveoli where all inhaled O2 is put into the capillaries and then to all arteries of all organs. The alveola clogging and no O2 is deadly and quick to kill. So the aged are inclined to die before the 20-50 year old people. The older you are the more likely you are of getting the usual winter flu, and this Corona virus is the worse flu type we could ever expect. Take heed, be careful and keep up with the news on what to do and where to go and the symptoms to watch out for.

I don’t know what the death count is now but when it was 66 30 came from that nursing home in Washington where the elderly are. I think you just use common sense and do what has been mentoned for us to do,we can limit the amount occuring in the US.

OP you should not post about things you don’t understand.
Spend some time on these two sites and you will have the proper amount of concern.
These are medical sites, not news or propaganda.
Check the death rates, the numbers of new cases, the epidemiological projections.
Prepare to protect yourselves if you are older.
If you are younger, protect yourself to protect your parents and grandparents.


I probably shouldn’t have started this thread. There are a lot of things that I don’t know, and I will own that. However, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have already been released from the hospital. It seems that for most people this virus is not fatal. Don’t you think that somebody ought to put that fact out there to quell the mass hysteria? The economy is tanking over this virus. Is there any good news out there?

Not much good news. The procedures being put in place to try to control the epidemic are said by epidemiologists (Doctors who are specialists in epidemics like this) to be hopeful of cutting the total deaths down considerably. Hopefully down to the point that the total deaths would only equal the total number killed in World War Two.

“Tom Hanks released from hospital” does not equal “This whole ‘pandemic’ is a hoax.” I’m guessing they also got the finest care available.

At least the message is getting more unified… or evolving. Maybe it will be taken more seriously. Or curb the toilet seat licking.

Changing news

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Thanks rayzabackerii, great info/insight. It seems anything said on any USA news outlet is accused of political agendas whether they have the facts right or wrong, mostly wrong. I don’t know or care about political agendas, but the health and welfare of humans will get my attention quick.
Fact is every country in the world are putting in strict protocols to ward off this pandemic.

Obviously it is not a hoax, but as of this post, less than 100 people have died in the US. What am I missing? Most people are not dying from this. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong, and I will own that. Please educate me.

Here’s some data on the rate of growth.

Day 1: 15 cases.
Next 25 days: Grew to 1,000
Next 3 days: 2,000
Next 3 days: 3,000
Next day: 4,000
Next 20 hrs: 5,000
Next 5 hours: 6,000

And we are testing at about 18 per million. Other countries are testing many more, up to 300 plus per million. So our actual numbers are probably much higher.

A WHO doctor I heard explained that doing things fast trumps waiting to see what happens and trying for the perfect response. If you try to wait for the perfect response you are already way behind.

What is the correct number of dead to start trying. If 100 is too low, would 1,000 be better? Or maybe wait for 100,000?

Here’s a twitter thread discussing some numbers projections…

I suggest looking at our timelines with Italy’s. We should’ve quarantined 10 days ago

The spike in every country affected (including USA) had a slow curve until the last 7-10 days now they are on steady climb daily. It’s crazy now. We will be at 10,000 cases minimum by weekend. Almost 200,000 cases & over 8000 deaths worldwide. Expect that to keep rising in the coming weeks/months.

Who Are You; Who Who

I’m nobody

The vast majority of us are at the mercy of our employer. WE CAN’T SOCIALLY DISTANCE OURSELVES especially when your source of income (employer) is all about revenue. The CFO, CEO, VP Operations can avoid social interaction but the thousands of employees exposing themselves that need to put food on the table in his/her mind can easily be replaced!!!

That is tough daytonabeachhog…the company I retired from is allowing folks to work from home a lot.

Hope you stay safe.

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I don’t know anyone who DOESN’T know that.


It is so dangerous as well because people can cary the germ without getting sick, yet they are very contagious. Another reason is that the incubation period is so long. By the time the symptoms appear and they are tested, many people have been exposed. Then there is the problem of not having the capability to test enough people. So if we don’t take drastic measures such as closing theaters, inside dining, etc.every person in this country could eventually be infected. Do the math. Even a very low fatality rate would mean millions will die. The economy can recover.

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