I am more excited about Caldwell returning than Chavis...............

…and I think Chavis is as good of a hire as we should expect at this point in our program. Caldwell is a great defensive lineman recruiter and we desperately need that on this team. Finding more players like Trey Flowers and Dietrich Wise (both 3 stars with few major program offers that Caldwell previously recruited for Arkansas) and turning them into NFL star caliber players is exactly what we need badly now. Caldwell is the single most important hire on this staff of assistants. JMVHO

Steve Caldwell is a good one. Agree on your statement to a degree. I never underestimate the OL hires. And, I don’t see anything that I would question. Chavis bringing back Caldwell is a brilliant move. Of course, that’s what hoped would happen, even if Chavis wasn’t hired. Together, they are terrific. I remember a class of defensive ends that Caldwell signed that made me say wow. Not all of them played. Petrino told me it was about two more DEs than they had tried to sign, but he said you don’t turn down a good DE.

Here is that 2011 class of DLs:

Horace Arkadie
Trey Flowers
Grady Ollison
Lonnie Gosha
Darrell Kelly-Thomas
DeMarcus Hodge

Not many of those worked out. But I liked the idea that they went after that many DE/DT types and got them.

I thought Dietrich Wise was in the same signing class as Trey Flowers. I think he should be added and wasn’t Hodge more of an interior lineman? If so, you might replace him on that list with Wise and getting 1 out of 3 to end up as NFL starters is a real good batting average in my book.

Nope; Flowers signed in 2011, Wise in 2012.

Wise was part of another big class of defensive linemen, along with JaMichael Winston, Darius Philon, Taiwan Johnson and Brandon Lewis.

Was this class also recruited by Caldwell?

Yes, it was. That was the class that signed in February 2012. He was on staff through the end of that year.

I did look up the line class of 2011. I included the inside guys as well as the outside, because Caldwell said some would be moved inside and some would be moved outside. I know that Hodge ended up playing inside, but Caldwell just included him in the DL class. And, I did know that Wise did NOT sign in that class, because I looked it up before writing the post. Flowers did not redshirt. Wise did. So they were two years apart in graduation.

I remember waiting and waiting for Gosha to play his freshman year. Instead, the staff opted to play Flowers more and more as the year went on. I was pretty upset at the time, but was gladly shown why I’m a fan and not a coach. In short, Flowers blossomed.

Gosha was a good prospect, maybe a terrific prospect. But an injury got him early in camp. I think it was an ankle, maybe a knee, too. He couldn’t practice and quickly fell behind. He sulked when he didn’t play, but missing fall camp will ruin a freshman’s chance to play almost every time.

Clay or Matt, I am interested in what Coach Caldwell thinks about the facilities and the new buildings since he has left.

I think the Football ops center was just being built, I know the Jones family complex was not built and our new stadium expansion was not even started.

if you guys get a chance, ask him and the rest of the staff what they think…

I’ll ask, but it might be awhile before we have an opportunity to talk with him.