I am looking forward to tomorrow night

I know who we are playing, but I am ready to see this team play a little. Be good to have some BBall. I expect a somewhat ragged performance that will drive Muss up the wall, but that will give him something upon which to build.

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As am I. So looking forward to it that I shelled out a few bucks to get ESPN+ to watch it in my man cave. A paltry price, considering the number of live games missed and those that I will get to see live. The man cave also has a 65" UHD TV. Not necessarily all that impressive, but I’m only about 10 ft away from it. It’s comfy. I won’t be having any big parties here. :slightly_smiling_face:

You don’t need ESPN+ to watch this game. It is on SECN+ and can be viewed on regular WatchESPN.

I was going to ask what is SECN Plus? I was thinking it was alternate that they sometimes use, but I went there tonight to set up recording and couldn’t find it??

SECN+ can only be watched thru ESPN app. If you have a smart TV, you can download the ESPN app and watch it on TV, you cannot set up DVR to record it.

If you cannot watch it live, you can watch the replay at your convenience thru the app.

I go to the UA schedule page for hoops or soccer or whatever and click the video link for that game and it takes me to SECN+. Don’t have the app on my laptop but it will ask me who my provider is (YouTube TV) and I log in through them.


I believe you should be able to add it to your library, if you have youtube tv, which will record it.

I live in the boondocks and only listen to the games. I have Sirius XM and use it when there on it. I also can listen on Tune in Radio, but have not been able to listen on the Arkansas Game Day app for some reason. I get a screen shot of the statistics but cant listen.

Thanks for the tip. I didn’t know you could do it with YouTubeTV.

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