I am just about done here

I made 2 posts today, neither controversial. The first one I deleted after waiting over an hour for approval. The 2nd, I waited 4 hours before approval. Again, neither were controversial.

Here’s the thing. This country is a mess, and politics sometimes bleed into sports. Neither post I made today crossed that line, but censorship is a bad thing, and I’m not sure I want to keep PAYING to have my words overanalyzed anymore.


Feel your pain and frustration. I have learned to refrain from any political comment or snide comment. The frustration I have is their are board members who are allowed to venture in the gray area with regularity while others are immediately shut down. We have a very inconsistent strike zone on this Board.
UA…Campus of Champions


I’m on this board because I don’t want politics to bleed into sports.


So, as a moderator, I don’t spend a lot of time here waiting for posts that need approval. I check in a few times, depending on what I have going on. There are some words that will force post approval. If you have a pending post, double check it for potential banned words.

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It took awhile for it to be approved because it is a Sunday night and I took my kids swimming. The other moderators apparently were doing other things, too.

We have watched words here after what happened on this board in 2020. One of those words is “racist” because we had people calling others one. I would wake up and there would be dozens of posts made overnight that had to be deleted. So we made it to where certain words need moderation. I don’t like it, but I also don’t like what happened here beforehand. If we didn’t have watched words we would have people mad that inappropriate posts stayed up for too long. We can’t please everybody, unfortunately.

There has not been one post in the BYU thread that was not approved, though several went into moderation. Two were taken down because one devolved into politics and was flagged by a couple of users, and there was a response to it taken down.


I try very hard not to use “banned” words, but it seems the definition of “banned” keeps changing depending upon who uses them.


Who are the other moderators, Matt? I only know of you and Marty. I’m happy that you took your kids swimming on a Sunday, but waiting hours for approval on a harmless post is beyond silly.

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Just use Pavlov as a swear word.

Go to Pavlov Bearcats.

Hey Cincy, stick it up your Pavlov.

See how easy it is to get past these banned words :grinning:


The moderators are Marty and anyone who works for the website.

Jeremy I understand. I used the word Pavlov, the name of my daughter!! And a series of posts were dinged because I used Sara$. I was told several people reported me.

Well your Stup$$ or Craz$ to not understand that a everyday discussion can not be had and not cover Life or even sports today. Even in Provo. I’m close as You are and actually could care less with C & D gone.

BTW Jeremy your on my Watch For list. I have not found a word you have ever said that upset me…

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COME ON MAN! We can’t lose Jeremy!!!

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Matt, that’s the most overused word in America. There aren’t as many out there as some of our politicians want us to believe….not in my little world anyway.

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Part of the problem is they are unaware they are routinely crossing a line. An awful lot of people - good people, otherwise - have that unacceptable behavior ingrained so that it is “normal.” The innocence they give off cannot overcome the reality that they have played the innocent card their entire life. These are the worst kind, in my eyes - the hard-core bigot is upfront and loud about it. Contempt is almost desired by these types. Most of us have the decency to hide that, knowing it is certain to topple apple carts, create moderated posts, bans, etc.

They don’t know what they don’t know, you know?

I wish these “innocent” types were willing to explore and grow, embrace something about themselves. We all have growth opportunities, after all. But, I can’t force it, and they aren’t interested.


Outstanding post, Oklahawg.


Mother Pavlover
Go Pavlov yourself!
Son of a Pavlov
Gaud Pavlovit
Kiss my Pavlov

Hey, it works!

There aren’t as many out there as some of our politicians want us to believe….not in my little world anyway.

HUH??? Arent as many as what?

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The “R” word that Matt mentioned.

So there’s not that many of them???

I’m a 55 year old white guy that has been married to a black woman for 27 years and we have 4 biracial kids…there are plenty of “them out there”…


“Them” are out there. They come in all stripes and colors.

My biracial grandson struggled in high school because of frequent harassment from other students. He dropped out of sports and let his grades decline. We addressed the problem with school administrators without success. So much for anti-bullying rules.

Most of his gut-wrenching agony was caused by black students, who openly called him the N-word…the one that ends in “er” instead of “a.”

For his senior year, he transferred to a small, rural school and did better. The overt harassment ended, but the scars may never heal. His self identity struggle continues.

If I have ever had a post flagged for review, it has been a long time.

If I had a post delayed for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon, during the preseason, I would not be bothered