I am having a nice Pino Noir with my crow

And the crow is delicious

On my way over, save some for me.

I think those that eat crow buy drinks for those that don’t.

Put me down for an order but only with a nice Amarone.

Class act

I’m joining you with a glass of Bailarin (Spanish Red). I had turned the sound off and I had the game on the smaller TV. Then (as I texted a friend) HOLY CR**! The crow seems pretty tasty.

I’m just amazed and really pleased.

Miller Lite…

Problem is I doubt the crow eaters have much money or much taste is beverages so we are likely sol

There are times when roasted Crow is really good!
Along with a nice wine, cold beer, or stiff cocktail with a double shot of your favorite spirit.

Actually it is good with cold glass of milk to.

Proud of myself for not getting a P. W.P.O. last night.

A Russian River Pinot Noir gives crow an exquisite taste. I pretty much gave up on them at 6 minutes left and at 4 minutes left but kept watching and boy, was glad I did. What a finish!