I am Happy that game is Past

I was as relaxed as I have been all year, because I never thought we had a chance to win. Our defense obviously could not cover them (but did play very hard). Proud of the team and how they fought.

But, I am glad it is past so they can focus on MO. They really need that game for a better Bowl, to make it a very good season, and just to go into the Bowl and offseason with a good taste. I hope Sam can pull magic by getting the team ready in a short week after such an effort just one more time. I think he can. I will not be relaxed this week until the clock shows 0:00 with the Hogs ahead.

Bama is over. All thoughts must now be on nothing but MO!


Sam said the coaches had done their pre-game prep for Mizzou during the Bye week, so they just have to watch recent film, tweak and install and they’re good to go.

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Looks like most the offense is # 1 Blade
From what I saw tonight

Losing was so foregone it didn’t even feel like a game week to me. Forgot to even put on hog gear. Obviously was pleasantly surprised by the result and fight. Hope we can get this mizzou monkey off our backs!

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That is how I felt about it

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